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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Where I Belong, Significance and Ouch!

I am loving this new song I keep hearing on The Message (satellite radio).  It's by Building 429 (never heard of them) and it's called "Where I Belong".  You can listen to/watch it here.


It is part of our human nature to want to feel like we have significance - to our families, friends or just the world in general.  I think so many people think they have to do something big to be significant.  You know who I think the best people are to judge us on our significance in life?  Our children.  The fact that you are the VP of a company, met your quota for that month, got all your reports in on time or got a bonus at work does not make you significant to your children.  The fact that you showed up for their baseball game, remained patient with them during their homework, read a bedtime story to them or just spent a few extra minutes with them would definitely make you significant.  We have to start viewing significance through their eyes. 

I understand that working hard and being successful (to a certain extent) in this life is important and that many people do that for their families.  My only point is that we need to find our worth and significance in things other than success. 

We also have to view our significance through God's eyes.  He doesn't care if we built a successful company, got a bigger house, put three kids through college, was well liked by everyone around us.  In fact, he would likely want something close to the opposite.  He would want to know what differences we made in others' lives and how much we did for others.

My goal is to spend more time improving the areas of my life where God and my children see my worth and significance, not the world around me.


Yes, three exclamation marks were necessary!  Even though I was ridiculously sore I pushed through my second day of 30 Day Shred yesterday.  I could barely sit last night.  My first thought this morning was that if Jillian Michaels was standing in front of me I likely would have punched her... if I had any strength left in my arm that is.  Today I only pressed the snooze button once (as opposed to the normal 5 times).  The ONLY reason for that was that I did not want to feel the pain again of having to pull myself out of bed to walk over to my alarm clock.  I think this might be a genius way to force me to get up on time now! 

I told Garrett yesterday I secretly wished I was a midget because that would mean there would be less distance between my ass and the toilet seat.  I would literally just fall onto the toilet when I had to pee... it was that bad!  Ha!

Anyways, enough complaining.  I saw this picture today and I thought, hell, if this kid can do it so can I!

And then I saw this one and I thought, seriously?!  Whose hair looks like that after "exercising"?  Who wears full eye makeup, lip gloss and a bra like that to work out?  And what girl would have "sexy look" on after working out?!  None that I know! 

This should be the poster for womens' exercise!  And the caption would read... "Exercise, this SH#@ sucks but I'm hoping it will all be worth it soon!"


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