Thursday, October 31, 2013

Six Flags Fun

Let me get the negative out of the way first.  The Thomas house just can't seem to escape sickness this past month.  Let me just recap: Lice for Garrison, Croup for Ethan, Stomach Bug for Garrison, Bronchitis for Mommy, Sinus Infection for Daddy, Stomach Bug for Mommy, Semi Stomach Bug for Daddy (he just wanted to feel included I think).  PLEASE LORD, let that be all! 

I just got over this stomach bug today.  It.was.awful!  I won't go into details for your sake but it was not fun.  I even had to miss Garrison's last fall ball game because of it.  Thankfully we have some awesome team moms and one of them got these great pictures of the boys.

Call me partial but I don't think there is a cooler team out there than the Cubs!  ;) 

We gave Garrison a voucher for a day at Six Flags with Daddy for his birthday at the end of September.  They were finally able to go this past Sunday and they both had a blast!  I know Garrett was feeling like a kid again and Garrison was enjoying every single second, even standing in line.  Garrett said they started off with the Texas Giant followed by the Titan.  Definitely not the order this Mama would have chosen but Garrett said Garrison did awesome!  Even the Fright Fest characters didn't scare this guy (but I'm guessing because he had his big, strong Daddy by his side).  I guess I finally have to admit we have a thrill seeker on our hands. 

That will be a day they will never forget, I'm sure of it!  I wish Garrett would have gotten more pictures of Garrison but I'm glad he even got these.  I think he was having too much fun to worry about picture snapping.

Happy Halloween!  Pictures from tonight to be posted soon.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We Won't Be Shaken

You know what I think the most powerful adjective is to describe one's faith?  Unshakeable.  The definition of unshakeable is "unable to be changed". 

It took me at least a quarter of a century to get to the point where I can say I have unshakeable faith.  Life has not been easy.  Marriage has certainly not been easy.  Parenting has definitely had its share of challenges.  And through it all the one thing that has not wavered is my faith.  In fact it has done the exact opposite - it has strengthened!  It is so interesting to look back over the last ten years and see that when I should have been pushing away from God He was actually pulling me into Him.  When I should have been questioning my life circumstances He was giving me peace about them.  When I ran out of places to look for answers He told me to look to Him.  I feel so blessed to say that He has brought me to the point of having unshakeable faith. 

I am so in love with this Building 429 song, "We Won't Be Shaken".  It reminds me of a group of faithful believers coming together and saying We won't be shaken.  We won't be moved.  No matter what comes our way, we won't be shaken. 

When I listen to this song I think about all of the people who have had to overcome difficult life circumstances - gone through an abusive relationship, lost a child, lost a spouse, lost their livelihood, lived on the streets, gone through bouts of depression or substance abuse.  The list goes on and on.  And so many of these people have overcome and developed or sustained a faith that could move mountains.  Nothing will shake that faith.  Nothing will shatter it. 

Do you look at the state of our world and worry about how bad it will be for your childrens' generation?  Are you on the fence about God's purpose for your life?  Are you dealing with a difficult marriage or a difficult relationship?  Do you feel like you believe in Him but don't know Him?  Been there.  

Have you ever been so passionate about something that you feel like it stirs up life in you?  That you can make anything possible?  That's the kind of passion Jesus wants us to have for our faith in Him.   

With unshakeable faith we can literally change the world.  Believe it and act on it.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekends Like This...

My husband left Friday to go dove hunting for the weekend.  Sometimes time away from each other is nice and gives us a little break.  But with my parents also out of town this weekend and Garrison's baseball game being cancelled on Saturday it was, at first, well...boring to be honest.  But I have to say that being forced to just sit at home with the boys and enjoy some good 'ole play time ended up being pretty nice.  It made me realize that weekends like this don't come often.  Weekends like this are the ones I will miss when my boys are grown and gone.  I tried to capture some normal play time with my boys because I am not great about capturing the every day.  I know one day I will look back on these pictures and remember the simple, happy memories of our life.

Friday Night Fort
He let me pick the movie (yes, he will make a great husband one day) so we watched Enchanted.  Loved it!
 Some morning oatmeal with this cute little booger!
 Garrison wanted to play "store" so he set up shop.  He even displayed the special books on a cammo blanket.  He cracked me up when he busted out the low voice to try and fill the part of bookstore owner.

 The owner with his cash register
 He kept telling me that E was the "boss man".  I asked him if it was normal that "boss man" was pooping in his pants.  Garrison's response?  "Yes ma'am.  He wears adult diapers so it's okay."
 Ethan didn't seem to think it was okay as he checked out what was going on.

Ethan found a dryer sheet and kept saying "face" while walking around and rubbing it on everyone's faces.

 This guy makes us laugh!

Garrison found a new friend!

 E loved outside time!
 Showing bubba his new friend

 Our Halloween decorations - Garrison had the idea of tying the spider up with dental floss.  Why not?!

Saying goodbye to Mr. Grasshopper
 Poor Tex was tormented all weekend by Ethan but he took it like a champ!
 Garrison painting Daddy a sweet Welcome Home sign
 Proof that he does not leave Tex alone...or my drapes
 Dance Party for One!
 Make that Two!

 Sweet Brothers

What did I ever do to deserve these guys?!
 A little baseball practice on this gorgeous Sunday afternoon

I plan on really soaking in the downtime with my boys over the next several years because I know how fast it goes!


Friday, October 18, 2013

These Guys...

Make me laugh every single day.  God sure knew what He was doing when He gave me these boys!

Ethan has quite the little waist so keeping his pants up tends to be a recurring problem.  I heard him dying laughing in the living room today over and over.  I thought he was just tormenting poor Tex again but when I walked in this is what I saw...

That smile is absolutely contagious.  And the laugh even more so!

And then we have Toothless.  I have lost count but Garrison lost another tooth last night while he was out with Daddy.  Thank goodness Daddy had the smarts to bag it up and bring it home with them so the tooth fairy could pay him a visit.  Today was picture day at school and Garrison said that when his class was in line he told the girl next to him that he was going to be Toothless for his picture.  Her response?  "Me too!"  At least I know it's not just my kid that is going through this awkward phase of missing teeth and strange speech.  :)


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Never Say Never and Reprioritizing

Some of the most important advice my Mama ever gave me was "Never Say Never".  I remember her saying this over and over to me for years.  I used to disregard this as another one of her corny sayings but as I get older this saying (along with many, many others) has become SO true!

Take last night for example.  Ethan woke up screaming around 11:45.  I went into his room to check on him.  I am big on the cry it out method but this sounded like an in pain or seriously upset cry rather than a "I just want to wake you up in the middle of the night" cry.  I went in there and he was just all over the place.  He kept pointing to the door because he obviously needed something outside of his room.  I caved and decided to give him a cup of milk (the only thing that typically calms him down if he wakes up in the middle of the night, which is rare).  And here is where I insert the "Never Say Never" because I used to tell Garrett I would never get up with the kids in the middle of the night after they learned to sleep through the night.  I stuck with it for Garrison...not so much for our youngest, stubborn, hard headed, slightly more difficult, lovable Ethan.

Anyhoo, he didn't want the milk.  He kept pointing at the pantry and saying "cracker".  Yeah right.  If I'm not going to wake up with him in the middle of the night why in the hell would I feed him in the middle of the night?  That would just be starting all kinds of bad habits.  So naturally I got him the damn cracker.  But that wasn't enough.  He wanted the peanut butter on it.  I'm pretty sure in my sleep deprived state I looked at him and said, "Seriously kid?!".  After a couple of graham crackers with peanut butter he was good to go and back to sleep he went.  I couldn't let this photo op pass me by so here you go... proof that my mom is right.  Never Say Never!

And yes, Nadia, if you're reading this he wore the same shirt to your house today that he slept in last night.  Ha!

I won't say I won't get up with him if he wakes up tonight.  But I will say this better have been a one night thing!

I told y'all in a previous post I am rocking the flip phone since losing my oh so nice tech smart phone last week.  When it rings I whip that thing out of my purse with pride and flip it open like I have the latest and greatest phone technology has to offer.  Okay, so it takes me about five minutes to send a text message and I can't send or receive picture texts but I have to say it it's not all that bad.  Going back to the old flip phone has prevented me from getting on Facebook (as often) and Instagram and checking email throughout the day.  It has honestly helped me reprioritize my life.  It's kind of nice not having the constant distraction around.  I might just wait the full six months to replace my phone so I can break some bad habits and focus on the more important things in life.


Friday, October 11, 2013

Granny's 80th and Pics of Our #23

In September we went to Coleman to celebrate Granny's 80th birthday.  Granny is actually my husband's grandmother but I have been calling her "Granny" since we got married.  Garrett just adores her and I can see why.  She is the ONLY person who can tell him what to do... and I love it!  It is so neat to watch Garrison and Ethan form a relationship with her as well.  And she is also the only person that can override our "No's" where the boys are concerned.  Garrison: "Mommy, can I have more candy?"  Me: "No."  Granny:  "Of course you can.  You're at Granny's house."  Ha!  Garrison gets "big boy coffee" only at Granny's house and he so looks forward to those weekends.

Here are lots of pictures from our weekend in Coleman.

Cuddling in the hotel room.

These pictures crack me up!  Ethan let Addison play beauty shop on him.

Granny teaching Addison how to cook

Nana and all her grandkids.  I am blessed to have this lady as my MIL and they are lucky to have her as their Nana!

Garrison and Addison

Granny's Party!

My in-laws made this sign and I love it!  Even though they spelled "Grannie" a little differently than we do! :)

My MIL and SIL did an awesome job on the center pieces.  I just let them tell me where to put things.  Ha!

Granny with all her great grandkids.  I love this because it's so real!

Granny and the oldest great grandson, my handsome boy!

I realized this past week that I have no pictures of Garrison playing ball this season.  I wanted to share some with y'all.  When did my adorable little boy turn into a handsome young man?!