Wednesday, October 24, 2012

??? and Why can't he be more like...

I could think of nothing better for the start of this post than "???" because I have no words.  Well, I always have words so here they are. 

Garrett and I caught the tail end of an animal show last night where the SPCA police officers (which I didn't know existed) were working undercover to bust a dog fighting ring.  I have NEVER understood dog fighting but to actually see it on t.v. was even more heartbreaking.  I won't go into details for your sake.  Thankfully none of the dogs were killed because the officers got there in time but they were severely wounded.  I told Garrett that I hope those guys get the same kind of treatment in jail that child molestors get.  I know that's harsh but so is training animals to kill and then watching them do it.  By the way, feeling generous today?  You can donate to the ASPCA here.  It says that even donating $.60 can make a difference and I believe it!  Their website says that $18 can help five cats and five dogs get adopted into homes.  That is saving 10 animals for less than $1 each!!!

Just look at these precious faces!

Then we watched the first five minutes of the news and heard an update on the child molestor at a Plano school (second one in the last two years at the same school).  It was showing a meeting with all of the parents and some of the Plano school board officials.  The parents (rightly so) were demanding answers on what is being done to ensure their children are safe.  From what I saw the superintendent had no answers.  He got so flustered he told the parents that if they had questions they could write in with them.  I'm sorry, what?!?! 

The very next news story was about abuse at a nursing home...with video.  I just couldn't take it.  I'm pretty sure that was the point where I looked at Garrett and said, "What the F is wrong with these people?!"  Garrett summed it up in one sentence, "Some people just have no respect for human life."  That's exactly right!  At what point are we going to become desensitized to all of this?  I hope the answer is never.  I hope we continue to be appalled at this kind of treatment towards animals, kids and the elderly.  I hope we teach our children how heartbreaking and wrong this behavior is.  Okay, moving on...

Why can't he be more like...

Continuing on with my theme from yesterday.  I think another question women constantly ask themselves is why their husband can't be more like their friend's husband (or whoever else).  I know I used to ask myself this question, but then I realized (as I have blogged about many times before) you have NO idea what goes on behind closed doors at that other person's house.

I remember about 5 years ago my friend and I were talking about housework and cooking.  She told me that her and her husband switch off who cooks and does the dishes each night.  Then she told me that they split all of the housework (cleaning, laundry...everything!).  I was shocked and okay, ridiculously jealous!  Where did I go wrong?  Why was I the one doing everything at home?  Why couldn't my marriage be perfect like that?  About two years after that my friend found out her husband had been cheating on her.  He left her and their kids to be with this other person. 

Look, I'm not saying that guys who help around the house or bring their wives flowers once a week are cheaters or that they have some other awful secrets they are hiding.  I'm just saying that we need to stop comparing our husbands to other people's husbands.  You married your guy for a reason (or hopefully several reasons). 

I may be the one who does mostly everything around the house but I actually enjoy doing most of it.  I love Garrett for how incredibly hard he works, how ambitious he is, how honest he is, his faithfulness and commitment to me and our boys, how fiercely and passionately he loves us, his willingness and desire to grow spiritually and become a better husband and father.  How often he does laundry, dishes or cooks is so ridiculously small in comparison to those amazing qualities for which I married him. 

I encourage you to focus on your husband's redeeming qualities (the reasons you married him) not the things you wish he did differently. I guarantee you they have a list of things they wish we did differently and I know I want to stay as far away from that list as possible. ;)

I love these and hope the second one will be us one day! :)


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