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Monday, October 8, 2012

The Big 3-0 (for him)!

I can't believe I have been with my husband long enough to celebrate 14 of his birthdays.  And this is one of the big ones... 30!!!  I thought it only fair that my post today be about him too... this is for you Michael Garrett.   :)

Thirty Reasons I Love You...

  1. You make me laugh, really hard.
  2. You are my best friend.
  3. You let me be who I am and don't try to change me.
  4. You like, or at least put up with, my guy like sense of humor.
  5. You ALWAYS tell me I'm pretty even when I don't feel like it.
  6. You make me feel like I am a great mom and constantly remind me of that.
  7. You are an amazing father and have an indescribable love for our boys.
  8. You have an inspiring work ethic.
  9. You have an incredibly tough demeanor but you have a huge heart.
  10. You make me feel safe.
  11. You are strong (unmovable, in fact) in your opinions.
  12. You don't care what others think of you.  You are incredibly honest, almost to a fault. :)
  13. You have taught Garrison (and will teach Ethan) consistency, discipline and respect for their Mama while also showing them unconditional love.
  14. You have been a big part of my spiritual growth.
  15. You are open to God's will for our life.
  16. You knew God wanted Ethan in our family and you didn't back down or run in fear once you felt that calling.
  17. You can still be romantic, even after 14 years together.
  18. You are a very thoughtful gift giver.
  19. We can sit in comfortable silence together.
  20. You don't let anyone tell you what to do or how to act (except Granny of course).  :)
  21. You love going on vacations with me and recognize the importance of our kid free time.
  22. You let me see the real you.
  23. You make me feel needed.
  24. I love that you let me call you Michael Garrett.
  25. I love that you won't call me anything besides Juliana because you "like my name".
  26. "I love that Daddy took me to skate on the ice.  That was one of my funnest days with Daddy." (Garrison)
  27. "I loved the day I went to the zoo with Daddy.  We saw a snake and it was so cool that we got to touch it."  (Garrison)
  28. "I love practicing baseball with Daddy." (Garrison)
  29. "I love how Daddy makes all kinds of noises with his mouth.  It makes me laugh."  (Ethan)
  30. "I love how much Daddy loves me."  (Ethan)

I was going through some old pictures and here are some great ones.  These are all pre-kiddos!

High School Dances

One of our pictures from my Senior Portrait session.  This one cracks me up!

We got our tongues pierced together in South Padre - our "senior trip".  Cool, right?!  Haha!  (I was going through some of these pictures with Garrison this morning and was super careful to avoid showing him this one.)  P.S.  Why Garrett is squeezing his nipples I have no idea.  Haha!

Some from our honeymoon.

Us and our doggies when he was in the Navy (Connecticut and Virginia).

Garrett on the fishing boat we rented in Connecticut.
Us in New York.

Happy Birthday Love!  Here's to many more together!


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