Friday, October 26, 2012


I am stealing this idea from a new blog I am reading, so thanks Annie!  :)  I also found a cool photo a day challenge on another blog and it's called Gratitude.  I'm excited to start that one.  Follow me on Instagram to check it out ~ my user name is julianagthomas!

Just some of the things I am thankful for...

A - Ability to love and be loved.

B - Bachelor/Bachelorette because it is an hour of mindless t.v. that I desperately need!

C - My car, even when it has mud all over it from Garrison's baseball cleats.

D - Dogs ... I love mine SO much!

E - Ethan Gregory Thomas.  He is our precious miracle!

F  - Faith.  Without it I would be lost.

G - Garrison Robert Thomas.  He is such an amazing little boy and God has big plans for him!

H  - Husband.  He is my best friend and my love!

I - Instagram - I love it!

J - Jesus and His unfailing love for me. 

K - Kristin Lee.  She is my rock and one of my best friends!

L - Life.  I constantly remind myself how precious life is.

M - Marriage because it has strengthened my faith immensely.

N - Nice people because it means this world isn't completely broken.

O - October because it is the birth month for my two favorite guys and it means colder weather!

P - Parenthood - LOVE.THAT.SHOW!

Q - Quiet Time.  That is a rare gift being a Mommy of 2.

R - Rain.  Check out my previous post to find out why.

S - Supportive parents who have taught me SO much about Jesus, love and life!

T - Tacos.  I mean, who doesn't love tacos?!

U - Umbrellas, especially last night during Garrison's baseball game!

V - Vacation with my hubby, coming up in a little over 2 months.  Woooo hooo!

W - Work so I can help support my family

X - Xanax because it keeps me sane.  I'm totally kidding!

Y - You, for actually reading the things I write! :)

Z - Zygocactus truncatis - I just wanted y'all to learn a new word.  I think it's some type of plant! :)

Happy Friday!!!


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