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Friday, October 12, 2012

Growth in Marriage

I got a text from someone yesterday with the greatest quote I have heard in a while:

"God did not give us marriage to make us happy.  He gave us marriage to help us grow.  Happiness is a by-product."

Why did you get married?  Was the timing right?  Were you in love?  Was that person your soul mate?  Did you want to have kids but wanted to be married first?  Were you just trying to get get her to stop nagging you (haha)? 

Whatever your reason for getting married, here you are - married, likely with kids.  I would bet that more than half of you had a different expectation going into your marriage.  I have already blogged about how different it was than I initially expected.  I'm sure I sometimes make marriage sound like it is awful and really hard work.  It IS really hard work but it is also worth it.  I completely agree with that quote.  I think God created marriage for many reasons but one of those was to help us grow.  If I were 29 and not married I would likely be an extremely selfish person who thought I constantly deserved "me time".  I may never know what it was like to have to sacrifice, compromise or communicate. 

Marriage tests our patience, perseverance, loyalty, faith and commitment.  When times get hard we can choose to give up and walk away or we can choose to stay, fight, grow and love unconditionally.  Being faithful to your spouse is obviously important but being faithful to the God who blessed your marriage and considers it to be holy and scared is even more important.  If I ever want to give up I ask God for strength.  I ask Him for patience.  I ask Him for perseverance.  I ask Him for wisdom.  These are the times I grow - as a child of God, as a wife, as a mother, as a friend.

I think the success of our marriages depend on our perception of marriage.  Forget about the worldly view of marriage (what you see in movies and only the good stuff you hear from other women about their husbands).  I promise you everyone has struggles in their marriage.  Everyone has issues that have to be worked out.  You are not the only one.   

Marriage is not perfect but guess what?  Neither are you.  Neither am I.  I encourage you to see marriage how God sees it. It is holy and sacred. It should be honored and respected. It should be a high priority in your life.

Here are some of my favorite funny sayings on the topic!  :)

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Inappropriate or not, this is funny!

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