Saturday, December 6, 2014

Have Yourself a (Shut Up) Merry Little Christmas - Toddler Style

Let me preface this post by saying that I have had many of you tell me what a great mom I am and what great kids I have.  First of all, thank you.  Second of all, I am just like you and my kids are just like yours or any other kids out there.  We all have our moments - good and bad.  And while I don't like to highlight my boys'  bad moments this was entirely too good not to share.

I dedicate this post to all of you parents who have kids who can be just as naughty as they are nice.  To those of you who have tried everything...and I mean everything... to rid your kids of some bad habits with no success, and realize that this "phase" may take a little longer than you expected.  To those of you who remain patient, consistent, loving and dedicated to raising well behaved kids.  To those of you who realize that sometimes you have to just sit back, laugh at (and record) the ridiculousness of the situation you are in.

This morning Ethan was being super sweet.  We were heading to the store and as we walked outside he went on the other side of the car.  By the time I got to him he was halfway in our street.  I sternly asked him to come back to the sidewalk as I was running out to get him and he just turned and ran away from me.  After I caught up with him (and gave him a little pop on the bottom for doing something so dangerous) he started screaming, crying and yelling "Shut Up" at me.  This is his favorite rebellious word.  We have tried what I feel like is EVERYTHING to get him to stop saying this word to no avail.  (I welcome any suggestions you parents might have by the way.)  We proceed to get in the car and he continues screaming "Shut Up" at me.  At that point getting on to him, further discipline, etc. is of no use so I just simply ignore him.  I decided to turn on some Christmas music.  And this, my friends, is the result.

I can't wait to show this video at his wedding one day.  Can't.Wait!