Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Recap

Our weekend was crazy busy but so much fun!  My sister and her kiddos came in Friday night to spend the weekend with us.  We hung out at my parents' Friday night and then the boys and I spent the night.  Much easier than waking them up and driving them home.  Unfortunately my kiddo was the one who got up at 5:30 Saturday morning and it was a domino effect after that.  Garrison, Ellie, Ben, Will and Ethan.  Kids talking, moms hushing and babies screaming.  Just a day in the life! :)  PaPa woke up soon after and had his usual Cheerios with all the kids.  I don't think we'll have enough counter space when Ethan and Ellie join in on the tradition.

I was so excited they were able to make Garrison's last Saturday baseball game.  I love this picture of Benny chowing down on his Cheetos at the game. 


Then we went to Top Golf, one of our favorite places!  My sister and nephews had never been and I was so glad they got to experience it with us!  Here are some action shots of the boys.

Meanwhile, Ellie Day was picking up her sippy cup with her monkey feet, a freaky trait she inherited from her Daddy!  :)

We headed on back to my parents' house to celebrate my dad's birthday with some good 'ole burgers.  Before we ate the boys got some more play time in.

My sister made this awesome frame for my dad.  The picture inside is just a temporary one (courtesy of world renowned artist, Mr. William) until we could get a picture of him with all the grandkids.

Hopefully we can use one of the pictures we snapped on Sunday of all of them.  I have about 10 on my camera.  Do you know how hard it is to get a good picture of five kids?!  Here is what most of them look like.

 This one is a little better but of course it's my kiddo that can't be serious.  Ha!

We went to church on Sunday and heard an awesome message.  Then we went to BJ's for lunch and caught some of the Cowboys game.  I headed off to Forney for a baby shower with Ethan.  My sister made this beautiful frame for Miss Shelby and I just love it!  I have one like it for Ethan and it's one of my favorite things in his room.

My sister is ridiculously creative.  Check out her Facebook page Little Bit of Everything.  She mostly does stuff for the Houston area but she is able to ship certain products anywhere.  Be sure and like her page so your friends can find out more about her products too! :)

After the shower Ethan and I met up with my best friend for dinner.  I love, love, love catching up with her.  I felt awful though because Ethan was literally screaming throughout dinner.  I had to keep taking him outside (where of course he became miraculously quiet).  He is normally SO good when we go out but a tired, teething baby is not a good combo.  I just hope I didn't scare her off from wanting to have kiddos!

The ONLY bad thing about the entire weekend was coming home to a broken refrigerator and spoiled food.  Ugh!!!  At first I was really upset, annoyed and frustrated but then I remembered what an awesome weekend I had with family.  I realized how blessed I am to have a home with a refrigerator and a job that allows me to buy food for my family.  So my cursing turned into thanking Jesus (yet again) for all my blessings!

Until next time...


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