Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Croup? No Cell Phone? The L Word? Bring it on!

After a few days of chaos at the Thomas house it feels weird to sit down and not have anyone or anything to attend to.  I'm just hanging out in front of the computer on my third second glass of wine ready to entertain you with the latest and greatest from the Thomas clan.  Disclaimer: I often start posts in the evening and edit/post them the next morning.  If this is posted in the morning please know I am not sitting at home drinking wine at 8 am.  Ha!

It has been a crappy last few days for us but I like to blog about even the bad times because I hope know I will look back on these days and be able to laugh.  <Insert sarcastic, slow, energy deprived "Ha.Ha.Ha" laughter here>

Ethan woke up Sunday morning with a low grade fever.  I really thought it was just a cold.  After all we are in Texas where it is not uncommon to have a 50 degree day followed by an 80 degree day.  We went about our day as if everything was peachy keen.  I drove Garrison to my parents' house to spend the night because he was out of school Monday.  Garrison and Grammy planned to spend the whole day together spending his birthday loot, which by the way is more than I have had in my wallet for a long time.  Little did Grammy know Garrison was traveling with friends...more on that later.

By the time I got home late Sunday night Ethan was feeling especially warm.  I took his temperature and it had spiked to almost 102.  I had a feeling this was not a cold.  Monday morning I woke up to what sounded like a barking seal through the monitor.  I recognized this sound from last year and it was apparent that the ugly nasty illness we call croup was back to haunt us.  By the way, do any other moms out there feel like they should have MD behind their name?  Okay, maybe even RN?  If only I had the credentials to write prescriptions so I could save lots of $30 co-pays.  I digress. 

The doctor officially diagnosed Ethan with croup and gave us a steroid to help - well hell, I don't really know what the steroid does and now I retract the above statement about deserving credentials behind my name.  :)  Other than the fever Ethan was happy and the doctor said he could resume normal activity, with the exception of being in close contact with little kids.  Monday night rolls around and we head out to watch Garrison play some ball.  I was also excited to go out to dinner after the game with my parents and Garrett's parents to celebrate his birthday (a day early).  And this is when our week took a turn for the worse...

Ethan was HORRIBLE all throughout the game.  Instead of yelling "No" three or four times throughout the game he was constantly yelling "No!!!!!" - to me, to Garrett, to my parents, Garrett's parents, the ground, the sky, the get the picture.  I jokingly told some folks we might have to perform an exorcism that evening... it was that bad!  So, needless to say, Garrett's family birthday dinner was a no go for that night.  And I'm sure I looked like Mom of the Year bringing my "sick" kid to the game.  Garrett noticed Garrison scratching his head a lot during the game.  My mom had mentioned he was scratching his head throughout the day too.  I felt like a genius for coming to the conclusion that we just bought him new shampoo on Friday.  Yet another pat on the back for this mom.

Fast forward to 7:30.  I reach into my diaper bag to call Chili's for a to go order and my phone is missing.  It's not in the diaper bag, not in the stroller, not in the truck.  I specifically remember putting it in the diaper bag by the way.  Long story short I call Verizon and they told me someone had just used it a few minutes before so I knew it was stolen and I would be able to see the details (numbers they called) later that night.  Boy, was I angry.  I called the city's non emergency department and they basically told me I would need to file a police report for them to investigate.  So I gave them my information and they said an officer would call me back.

We get our food, come to the house and eat dinner.  Keep in mind Ethan is still screaming "No!" but now it is directed at his food.  Garrison continues scratching his head and Garrett decides we need to check him for L...L...L...Lice (hard to get that word out, still).  Ding, ding, ding!  The kid had lice.  LICE!  MY KID HAD LICE?!?!  Ugh.  Mine and Garrett's heads immediately started itching.  You are scratching yours right now too, aren't you? 

We had to tell his baseball coach because he shared catcher's gear with two other catchers that night.  I know lots of kids get lice and it doesn't mean our kid is nasty or dirty but you still don't want to be the one who spreads it around.  Again I say...ugh!

Off I went to Walgreens to buy the kit.  The police officer calls while I am there and says he needs to come to my house to take my statement.  My first thought was what will the neighbors think?  My concern pretty much ended there because my head started itching again and I realized we had MUCH bigger problems than worrying about our neighbors.

Come home, give my statement, treat Garrison for lice with the two step process, have the hubbs help me start spraying stuff down and bagging stuff up.  What a night!

I kept Garrison home on Tuesday because I didn't know the rules and definitely didn't want to be that mom that spread lice around the school.  I spent the entire day disinfecting the house.  I think I used more hot water washing linens, towels, clothes, stuffed animals, etc. than we do in a week! 

Fast forward a few hours and I'm on the phone with Verizon asking why the call details still haven't shown up on my account.  I'm told the rep I spoke with the day before "made a mistake".  I am ashamed to say livid Juliana came out.  I informed the rep that this person's "mistake" prompted me to file a police report and waste an officer's time by coming to my house and taking my statement.  Not cool!  While I was on the phone with Verizon Garrison frantically ran into the kitchen saying, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy" over and over.  Kind of like the video I posted in this post a while back.  I follow him into the bathroom to find the toilet overflowing - as in completely covering the bathroom floor overflowing.  I just walked away.  When I got off the phone Garrison gave me the sweetest look and said, "Are you mad Mommy?".  I just started laughing hysterically.  If my son didn't think I was insane before he definitely thought I was at that moment.  I mean, what else can you do at that point except laugh?

In the midst of all of this my husband celebrated his 31st birthday yesterday.  My present to him was no lice.  Ha!  Really though, thank goodness none of us got it.  And the other upside is Ethan has been fever free since Monday afternoon so we all went back to our normal crazy routines today.  

During weeks like this I couldn't agree with this more...

I will post some updated pictures later of Garrison's family birthday celebration and Garrett's birthday.  I don't think they should have to share their birthday celebration post with one about lice.

Not to mention I just realized I have something burning on the stove.  Awesome...


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