Friday, November 28, 2014

Women Who Inspire Me

I used to only be inspired by women who had a life I wanted or always seemed to have favorable life circumstances.  Lately I have learned that I am just as inspired by women who lead completely different lives from mine.  This has been a reminder that while we are all different we can all learn so much from each other - as women, as human beings.

Recently I have been inspired by...

The woman who thought she was just starting to get her life together and then found out she was pregnant.  Instead of choosing the easy way out she chose to not only have and raise that baby but to truly appreciate the precious gift she was given.

The woman who held so much anger and bitterness in her heart but refused to give up on her marriage and family.  Through faith and help from others she decided to fight for and dedicate herself to her role as a wife and mom.

Women who went through unfathomable heartbreak in their first marriages and found the strength to trust and love again.  And the love they had prayed for, a real and lasting love, has come.

A woman who did not succumb to the norms of this world by settling to be anything she did not want to be.  She has freed herself from harmful relationships and pursued her dreams and passions.  Nothing will stop her.

The woman who has always held it together, no matter what.  She was always in control no matter what the situations.  And lately she doesn't necessarily have it all under control but she sees the beauty in the mess and chaos of it all.  She sees that it doesn't always have to be perfect.  She has the strength to wake up each morning and conquer one day at a time.

The women who stay home and balance the chaos of multiple kids and their schedules.  Who sometimes do this on their own when their husbands have to work long hours or travel.  Who may be dealing with their own pressing needs in addition to everyone else's.  Who somehow still find a way to serve others and make each person in their life feel extra special.

It would make total sense for me to look at the full time working mom of two who "has it all together" and try to model my life after hers.  But what I have learned from some of these other women lately ~ Courage, Gratitude, Faith, Forgiveness, Strength, Patience, Trust, Passion, Dedication, Acceptance, Perseverance, A Servant's Heart ~ has been far more valuable.  I feel like God has been showing me that it really is okay to step out of my bubble.  I can learn so much from the world around me and appreciate the beauty in my differences with others.  The beauty He has created.

"By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."  ~John 13:35