Thursday, August 11, 2016

Summer Fun...Here, There and Everywhere!

We have really been trying to squeeze in a lot of fun this last month before school starts.  From Dallas to Houston to Port Aransas we have been some traveling fools.  And I have LOVED it!

I have taken a long break from social media.  I just realized one day I didn't want my face in the phone all the time so I made an intentional effort to take a break.  It has been really nice but the downside is that without my phone on me all the time I have not had immediate access to a camera.  I did capture quite a few fun memories though and I definitely want to share them here on the blog.  Hope y'all enjoy!


The kids have been learning a lot of new things.  For instance, Ethan learned how to play dead in the bath tub.  I joke.  But really, he asked me to take this picture and send it to Ki Ki (my sister).  I try not to judge because I was quite the weird kid myself.

Dallas Trip

We took a week long trip to Dallas for Garrison to participate in the World Series.  That part of the trip didn't really go as planned but we had so much fun spending lots of quality time with family.  Kicking myself for not getting pictures of the boys with all of their grandparents.  Next time!

This looks like PaPa is teaching the boys how to play chess.  And you might think he let Garrison win a time or two, right?!  Wrong!  PaPa taught Garrison how to play chess a few years ago and he taught him well...I am pretty sure they ended up tied by the time we left.  

Ethan must have partied too hard the night before.  This is how I found him in the morning.  Very Wizard of Ozish, right?

Sweet Cousins!  So glad we got to spend some time with these sweet kids (and Kyler)!

Addison and Ethan

Garrison and Keaton

Garrison had his best friend spend the night and they had a blast playing in my parents' pool!  And we had a blast with his parents (our best friends) the night before.  Miss them so much!

We went to Jump Street the next day and these boys had a blast!

Back in Bandera...

As much fun as we had in Dallas, NOTHING beats this view!  This was my Monday morning view driving out of my neighborhood taking Ethan to daycare.  I mean, c'mon!  How can you have any regrets moving to a place this beautiful?!

We have been wanting to turn Ethan's room into a Cowboy Room.  So after we closed on our house (Woooohooooo!!! Hallelujia!!!) Garrett and I hit the antique store in town and picked up some really cool things for his room.  He was one happy boy!!!

Cowhide Rug

Love this sign!

Cowboys Only...except Mama of course!

Authentic horse shoes


After Dallas my mom took Garrison to Houston for a sports camp with his cousins.  

Ethan and me heading to H-Town!

These dogs cracked me up.  One (don't ask me which) is Charlie, my sister's dog, and the other is one they were dog sitting.  They look like twins!

These kiddos had so much fun at sports camp!  And the E's (Ethan and Ellie) loved seeing each other, even though it was only for a day.

You know we squeezed a girls' dinner in.  We closed that Italian restaurant down...what, what?!  Seriously though, haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time!  Love these girls and definitely feel so blessed to have them both in my life!

Port Aransas

The Thomas family loves us some Port A!  We decided to take a quick weekend trip and had such a great time!

So, Ethan asked me to do a "Kings and Queens" video of him.  Not sure if y'all have seen Audio Adrenaline's Kings and Queens video but you really only need to watch the first 10 seconds to know what he's talking about.  Feel free to keep watching though for a great song/video.

And here is E's version.  This is his absolute favorite song by the way.
Love that kid!

Some skim boarding action from Garrison.  He LOVES this skim board Nana and PawPaw bought him a while back!  

We went out to eat Saturday night and Garrison decided to put some "muscles" aka rolled up paper in his shirt.  Oy vey.

Of course little bro couldn't be left out!

So when we went to Dallas we boarded the dogs at a place in Kerrville.  I was not happy with the setup and of course Sox ended up getting bit by one of the dogs.  It was a terrible, awful, horrible experience and so I was SO grateful to find another place in Pipe Creek (closer to home) for our Port A trip.  The dogs LOVED it!  And they even printed me out this sweet evaluation after their stay.

We loved Port A so much we decided to plan another trip with my parents over Labor Day weekend.  They were supposed to come see us that weekend anyways so we figured why not?!  Can't wait for more beach time!

Back to Normal...

My cousin posted something about her health journey on Facebook the other day and it really inspired me to get moving again.  I feel SO good when I exercise and how can I not exercise in this beautiful scenery?  So, Garrison and I have been taking breaks in the afternoon and I trudge drag climb walk while he rides his scooter.  I am not a complete lazy butt.  I say that because our hills out here are CrAzY so it's a killer workout!  

And then there was today...

Let me just tell ya about my day.  I left the house at 7 to take Ethan to daycare.  I'm about 3 miles from my house (where I get NO cell reception) and my tire literally pops and starts spewing out air faster than a man who just ate three bean burritos.  Truth.  I had about three seconds to decide what to do.  An image of me carrying Ethan 3 miles back to the house (up those crazy hills) flashed into my mind so I floored it back to the house, cruising on almost the rim by the time I got into the driveway.  I'm pretty sure it was a nail because I found one in the driveway later this afternoon.  I come home to get Garrett's truck keys and they are nowhere to be found.  I call him and he tells me he has them.  <Insert Juliana's "what the hell?" face>.  So I worked from home today with my 10 year old and 4 year old home with me.  About halfway through the day Ethan asked me to make him a puppet.  When I didn't do it right he told me he wanted to go to Ki Ki's (my sister) house.  Really?!

About an hour later I call to check on the status of our AT&T rewards card (close to $900 to pay off our T-Mobile bill from when we switched providers) and was told we were not eligible because we did not have a trade in.  The salesman clearly told us we just had to purchase new devices, not have a trade in, to get the reward card.  After calling the store, speaking with the salesman and giving him some not so nice feedback I hung up and called the store back.  I spoke with the manager who assured me he will take this to his manager and see what they can do for me.  Dang right! 

THEN I find out Garrison very likely has ringworm on not only his foot but his belly button and scalp.  Awe.Some!

At least Ethan had fun playing doctor.  #scarydoctor

I saw this picture later in the day and it made me laugh out loud.  

The only thing that got me through today was knowing that I leave tomorrow ALL BY MYSELF for H-town for our Adult Girls' Cousin Camp.  Did you hear me?  I said ALL.BY.MYSELF!

Stay tuned for more summer fun from the Thomas family...