Saturday, December 19, 2015

Stop Living in Fear...Take the First Step

You know those people who have big dreams but always settle?  Those who may seem confident on the outside but inside have the fear of failure?  I used to be one of those people.

Let me preface this post with this.  I have been so very grateful for every job I have ever had.  I have met amazing people along the way, learned new skills, worked my way up to a salary that someone without a college degree can be proud of and have been able to substantially contribute to my family.  But...

Sitting behind a desk all day is not my dream.  Thinking about the things I could be getting done at home or the extra time I could have with my kids on slow days is not my dream.  I dream of so much more.

I want to be a stay at home mom.  Hear me out on this.  I don't want to be a stay at home mom so I can be involved in the PTA, the Booster Club or be a room mom.  (No offense to you moms who take on these duties.  It's just not part of my "why.")  I want to be a stay at home mom so I have time to work with my kids on their homework while it's still fresh on their minds.  When the nurse calls telling me my son is sick... actually, the exact words were "he is miserable and just wants to come home"... I don't want to get the voicemail after a meeting and have my son wait an hour for me to make the commute to his school.  I want my face to be the first one they see after school.  I want to be able to take them for frozen yogurt and have a real conversation about their day - not a rushed, "How was your day?  Okay, we need to hurry and get dressed for baseball and we'll pick up something for dinner on the way."

I want to foster or adopt again.  I don't want to take a couple weeks off and go back to work.  I want to be present for this child, whether it be an infant or a troubled 3 year old who has suffered unimaginable circumstances and only wants to be loved and nurtured.  I want to do everything I can to make this child feel welcomed into our family and surrounded by love and security.

I want to travel the world with my family.  I want my family to do mission work in other countries.  I want our family to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  To serve the orphans.  To love the unloved.

I want to bless others financially.  I want to be able to give without worry.  To give school supplies, clothes, fresh water and food to those here and abroad.

These are my dreams.  And I am sick of saying:
"They are too far fetched."
"That's not reality."
"That won't work with my finances."
"Maybe one day..."

Why not today?!

God tells us to not fear because He is always with us (Isaiah 41:10).  God tells us He has big plans for us (Jeremiah 29:11).  The time has finally come where I can see truth in those scriptures.

I love this quote I saw the other day and I love it!

So, how do I plan to make this possible?  I am certain God brought Plexus into my life for several reasons.  I know y'all think I'm just a crazy Plexus lady with all my posts but let me tell you a few things about Plexus.

1.  These products have changed my life.  Food no longer controls me.  I no longer plan my day around meals.  I have the energy I need to keep up with my kids.  I no longer NEED naps.  I have gotten rid of my coke addiction that I have had for years and years.  I no longer have to take allergy medicine.  I no longer have pain (endometriosis pain or plantar fascitis).  I have lost 20 lbs and 30 inches.  Although I am far from my goals I feel better than I have ever felt!

2.  We have found the answer to my youngest son's chronic constipation.  Any of you who have ever had to give your toddler an enema or take them to the ER for constipation knows how miserable that is, for you and them.  Truly an answer to prayer for him.

3.  I have watched my sister find relief from her chronic, daily pain as a result of her spina bifida.  This alone has been a huge answer to prayer for many of us.  I have watched her attitude and demeanor change drastically due to being pain free.

4.  I have been able to contribute even more to my family financially.  We are not living paycheck to paycheck.  We had Christmas completely covered this year without putting any of it on charge cards.  I have covered my ENTIRE mortgage payment every month with my Plexus check alone!

5.  I have watched SO many people I personally know transform their lives with the generous compensation plan Plexus offers.  From a newly single mom being able to support herself and her daughter (above and beyond what she hoped for) to a teacher who was able to retire and stay home with her son (making twice as much as she did as a teacher).

I unashamedly say that I sell Plexus.  Because these products work.  They are changing peoples' lives.  This company has a compensation plan that is transforming peoples' lives.  They are fulfilling their dreams they used to think were unrealistic.

I used to watch my best friend's sister post about Plexus all the time.  This went on for two years.  At one point I was so annoyed I almost defriended her.  And then, one day, I realized she was obviously on to something.  These products really were changing peoples' lives.  This company really had brought her financial freedom.  So, I jumped in with both feet.  And every month since I started I have completely covered my mortgage, plus some - simply by sharing with others how great these products are.

Here are some of my before/after pics.  I still can't get over the difference in my face alone since starting these products.

We have a special going on right now where you can join as an ambassador for only $22.95.  I would LOVE to have you join my team and fulfill your dreams.  I am here to coach you every step of the way.  I promise you won't regret it.  Don't wait 2 years like I did.