Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thrift Shop, Mama Mornings, Lent and Cooking Tips

Thrift Shop

WHERE was this song when I wrote my Thrifty Girl post?  Garrett had me listen to it the other day and he told me it reminded him of me.  I'm still not sure if he meant that as a compliment or not.  Anyways, I heard it on the radio this morning and it made me laugh yet again.  I just had to share it with y'all in case you haven't heard it or want to hear it again. 

Mama Mornings

Please tell me I'm not the only Mama whose mornings look a little something like this...

5:15 am - Alarm goes off
5:25 am - Alarm goes off
5:35 am - Alarm goes off... you get the picture
5:55 am - Wake up - oh CRAP!  Take a 2 minute shower without washing hair, again.  I really hope I'm not out of dry shampoo.
5:57 am - Wake up Garrett.  He tells me to wake him up again in 10 minutes.  If I didn't depend on your paycheck I would just let you be late every day.
6:00 am - Go into Garrison's room to wake him up.  Where is Garrison?  Turn around to him jumping from around the corner to scare the hell out of me.  I REALLY hope this is just a phase.  This kid is starting to creep me out.
6:01 am - Tell Garrison for the hundredth time he cannot have sugary cereal for breakfast.
6:02 am - Make Garrison breakfast.
6:05 am - Start on my makeup.  Crap, forgot to feed the dogs.
6:10 am - Feed the dogs and let them out.  Dogs start barking.  Go out back in my shirt and underwear to yell at the dogs for barking, because that makes sense.
6:12 am - Try to finish makeup.  Oh crap, forgot to wake Garrett up.  Turn on all the lights and yell (literally) at Garrett to wake up.  Maybe give his leg a punch or two, I mean shake.  He doesn't move.
6:15 am - Give up on makeup and pack it up to finish at red lights or at work.
6:20 am - Walk in to find that Garrison hasn't touched breakfast and is instead watching cartoons that he turned on.  Tell him he has 5 minutes to finish breakfast.
6:25 am - Make Garrett's breakfast sandwich in the microwave.  Does he realize not all wives make their husbands breakfast sandwiches in the morning?
6:26 am - Get Ethan's milk ready.  Put lunches in backpack/purse/on counter.  Make my coffee.  Spill my coffee.  Yell, "SHI" and then realize Garrison is watching me so it quickly turns to "SHITAKE!"
6:28 am - Storm into bedroom and yell at Garrett to wake up in an emergency like voice.  He jumps out of bed!  I mumble a curse word under my breath as I storm back out.
6:29 am - Say a quick thank you to God for not making me a "morning pooper"
6:30 am - Tell Garrison he better have his teeth brushed in under 10 seconds (After all, only good dental hygiene for our family).
6:32 am - Go in to wake up Ethan and change his diaper.  Already two minutes past schedule so it looks like yet another PJ day for my little man.
6:35 am - Really late.  Grab my purse, lunch, coffee (which I spill again all over my arm), diaper bag, and Ethan.  Yell something that sounds like "Bye, have a good day!" to Garrett.  Run (literally) out of the house where I most likely run into several walls.  Get Garrison to daycare just in the nick of time.

And I still have 16 more hours left until I get to go to bed!  Am I the only one?!?!

Here is some mama humor for you:


For those of you who don't know I was raised Episcopalian and am currently attending an interdenominational (Christian) church.  I have blogged before about why I feel like this type of church is best for me at this point in my life and you can read about that in this post.  However, I do miss certain things about a liturgical church, such as observing Lent.  I have to come to realize though that there is nothing stopping me from observing Lent on my own.  I am still fully able to use this 40 day period to reflect on my relationship with Jesus. 

A big part of Lent for me has always been giving up and taking up something.  I have yet to decide what that will be (yes, I know it started today) but I know that this is important for me.  It helps me to remember that whatever I choose to give up/take up is so incredibly small in comparison to what He gave up for us. 

Whether you observe this season or not I encourage you to use the next 40 days (from now until Easter) to strengthen your relationship with Jesus.  Pray about what He wants from you and for you.

Cooking Tips

I know that just reading a new recipe can be overwhelming so here are some substitutes to make cooking easier/faster.

  1. Lemon wedges (for juice and garnish) - who cares about the garnish, let's be honest.  Just buy the plastic lemons in the produce section that has the juice already in it.  Keep in the fridge and you will always have it on hand.  They also have the limes which are good to have on hand for cocktails.
  2. Minced Garlic - I buy the jar of minced garlic in the produce section.
  3. Jalapenos - I buy the jar and it's usually on the aisle with olives.
  4. Basil - in spice section
  5. Parsley - in spice section
  6. Dill - in spice section
  7. Use cooking spray or olive oil instead of butter to cut calories.
  8. Frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts - I never buy fresh because they are more expensive.  A bag of the frozen chicken will last us about three meals and it's between $6 and $7.
  9. Pesto - I buy the tube of pesto and it's usually in the produce section.
  10. Salad Kits - easier than making your own from scratch.  In the produce section.

Things never to substitute - I only use fresh for me!

  1. Chives/Green Onions/Scallions - yes, they are all the same! :)
  2. Cilantro
  3. Asparagus (only buy the canned asparagus if you like it mushy)

I hope that helps cooking dinner go a little faster for y'all, especially you full time working Mamas out there!


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