Thursday, February 14, 2013

V Day

This girl is not a Valentine's Day fan!  My sister told me I was bitter about Valentine's Day and I probably do come across that way, especially when I responded to her cheery "Happy Valentine's Day!" remark with, "I HATE Valentine's Day!!!".  Haha!  I really don't mean to be bitter but I am just not a fan of what this day does to people.  I cannot understand how women find it romantic that a man is forced (let's be honest, they are forced) to buy them something to show their love.  We all know that's what anniversaries are for.  ;)  And I think it's awful that this day makes single people feel completely miserable.

I will say this - my parents always had a little surprise waiting for us on Valentine's morning, usually candy and a card.  I have carried on this tradition with Garrison.  Here is a picture of him from this morning.  This is his "morning" smile by the way.

I really do enjoy helping him make Valentines for his class and making his Valentines box.  By the way, this year he chose to decorate a mini trash can from the Dollar store instead of the normal shoe box like everyone else - hilarious (pics to come later).  I was at Target yesterday afternoon picking out said candy and card.  I couldn't help but laugh at the guys I saw there who all looked completely miserable.  I really wish I would have snapped a picture of one of them.

I think if you and your man are both into Valentine's Day that's awesome.  It really is a cool excuse to show your love for each other.  I just prefer to save the money (since we do share it after all) and have him tell me he loves me every day!

So, my plans for tonight consist of having a good friend over for dinner.  Yes, my Valentine's evening will likely be spent drinking wine, making dinner for and catching up with a great friend... while Garrett will likely be eating his dinner on the couch watching Cops.  Haha!

Here is some Valentine's humor for y'all...


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