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Friday, February 1, 2013

Slow Your Roll Garrison

I am the first to admit that I am no good at technology.  So you can imagine how excited I was when I figured out that I can create my own You Tube channel and upload videos from my phone to it.  I figured out how to keep these videos private so they aren't floating around cyberspace.  I'm sure all you techies out there are laughing at me right now.

This is so great because my phone will never let me email or text videos so I feel like I always have to post them on Facebook.  Let's be honest - my kids are cute and all but I'm pretty sure people don't want to see videos of them all day long. :)   You can bet I will be posting a lot of them on my blog though! :)

Yesterday the boys and I met my mom at our favorite small town downtown coffee shop to visit for a bit.  I love this place and we like to just sit in the chairs and catch up.  Garrison thought it would be a good time to provide us with some entertainment so he grabbed a few props from nearby and this was the result... (Sorry it's sideways.  I rotated it on You Tube but apparently it takes a long time for the change to take effect.  I will edit this later in my blog.)

Dancing Cowboy with Raccoon Tail
This one is a bit long but this is a typical afternoon of conversation with my seven year old "expert".  With Garrison you never know what you're going to get.  Some days after school he is tired and gets frustrated with me when I ask him questions and want to talk.  Other days, it goes a little more like this...
Talkative Expert
If you listen to the part about the stop light you can tell where I got the name of this post, "Slow Your Roll".
I Heart You

I posted about my favorite Pinterest picks the other day and I have already started one of them.  Actually, I combined two ideas that I saw and starting today I will tape one heart to Garrison's mirror every day and put another in his lunch box.  The "mirror hearts" will be bible verses or partial bible verses.  Today's was simply, "Love is patient".  His "lunch box hearts" will be things I love about him.  Today's was, "I love you because you are funny".  I plan on doing this every day until Valentine's Day. 

My baby is no longer a baby.  Sometimes I want to tell him, "Slow your roll, Garrison".  Stop growing up so fast!  It won't be long before he will be embarassed by lunch box notes and will be writing love notes of his own to Cindy Loo Hoo (bad example?) two rows up from him in class.  You can bet I'll still be taping hearts to his mirror though! :)


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