Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thrifty Girl

I wouldn't necessarily say I am well known for my stylish looks, particularly when it involves Wal Mart grocery shopping on a Saturday morning.  In fact, on those mornings I find it irrestibly exciting to dress as awful as I possibly can because...why not?!  I am so tempted to get this shirt to wear on one of my Wal Mart runs:

Can't you picture it?  This with my Superman sweats, one leg tucked into my fake Ugg boots, hair in a messy bun and no makeup?  YES!

At least I have never done this...

I digress. 

I know so many women who have to have the name brand of everything.  I have never understood this.  I am certainly not here to judge but I just don't get the point of spending so much money on a purse or a pair of shoes when you can get something for a good price that is just as cute, or let's be honest, sometimes cuter.  Take these for instance...

This brand of clothing runs about $700 for each piece.  Check her out!  What I wouldn't give to have a $700 sweatshirt, $700 pair of highwaters and $700 pair of wedges (with socks, I might add).

Gucci hat - I couldn't find the price of this hat but I know it would definitely be popular among the red hatter ladies!

Again, I am not here to judge.  For those of you who love certain brands and have the money to spend on them I think that's cool.  This post is geared more toward those of you who feel like you have to have those name brands to fit in with a certain crowd or to be accepted.  I, for one, prefer to have friends who could care less about the brand of purse I'm carrying or shoes I'm wearing. 

For those of you out there who are on a budget and haven't heard about the greatness of these stores I wanted to share them with you.

TJ Maxx

These stores are amazing!  They carry great brands for about 40% of the cost.  I am also a big fan of New York & Company if you are looking for some good quality, cute work clothes.  They have great sales!  And Kohls is a great place to find cheap necklaces (clearance section).  I got so many necklaces there recently for about $4 each.

And believe it or not I have gotten the most compliments on clothing and accessories from Wal Mart or Target.  Today I was on the elveator in my work building and these two ladies complimented me on my flats.  I proudly told them I got them at Target on clearance for $4. 

Funny story to share... I was in Joseph A Banks (upscale mens' clothing store) getting a gift card for someone one time and this lady in line kept turning around and glancing at my boots.  They were brown "riding" boots that I was wearing over my jeans.  She finally told me how much she liked them.  I couldn't help myself.  I told her I got them at Ross for $14.  She gave me the snootiest nod and just said, "Ohh" (in a voice that made it sound like she pitied me), turned back around and didn't speak to me the rest of the time.  Funny, she would have liked them more if I told her I got them at Nordstrom for $300. 

The point is, ladies, you can find really cute stuff for way less.  So, instead of trying to keep up with the Jones' maybe you should try and teach the Jones' what class and style (for a cheap price) is all about! :)



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