Thursday, February 7, 2013

Spouse Snafus and Mommy Mistakes

That title was my attempt at alliteration and yes, I did have to use a thesaurus for those words and had to Google the definition of alliteration to make sure I was using it appropriately.

I had a realization that I may come across in many of my posts like I'm some perfect wife and mom who has it all figured out.  That could not be further from the truth.  My posts are intended to share some things I have learned.  How have I learned these things you ask?  (Okay, maybe you didn't ask but I'm going to tell you anyways.)  Through mistakes... lots and lots of mistakes.  I fully comprehend that everyone needs to make mistakes in life to learn from them; however, I am the kind of person who likes to share (okay, share a lot) and I hope that I can help others by sharing.

That being said I want to share some of my mistakes with you.  I'm not even going to use this post to tell you what I have learned from each mistake.  This is more of a mirror into the flaws of me, so enjoy! :)

Spouse Snafus

In the first year of our marriage I have a vivid memory of the following:

  • Throwing a sandwich at Garrett from across the room and watching the lunch meat stick and then slooooowly slide down his face.  I can't tell you how hard this memory makes me laugh now.  (I don't think he thought it was too funny at the time though.)
  • Hitting Garrett in the chest over and over because I was so mad at him (don't even remember what for).  The true test of a man, by the way, is to be able to stand there and not hit back.
  • Nagging, nagging, nagging... oh and did I mention nagging?
  • Questioning every move he made when he ported (got on land) while out to sea because of my own insecurities.
  • Making horrible, awful, terrible dinners and immediately pouring them in the trash or down the drain.
  • Not being supportive enough for Garrett in his job.
  • Expecting Garrett to fulfill my every need.

Picture of us on our wedding day (almost 10 years ago)!

This is probably what people would have thought of us during that first year though.  Haha!

Mommy Mistakes

I have a seven year old and a 13 month old.  I like to think I'm a pretty good mom but there are definitely days where I feel like a one woman freak show!  I have posted this picture before but this is a prime example of one of those days.
 These are just some recent Mommy mistakes I have made:

  • Letting Garrison play DS for over an hour two days in a row this week so I could watch Bachelor on my DVR.  Can we say selfish?!
  • Giving Ethan yogurt with not just honey in it but also almonds before he was a year old.  For those of you who are unaware these are two of the most common things children can be allergic to.
  • Finding out I wasn't giving Ethan enough milk and having to reintroduce an additional 8 oz bottle each day.
  • Driving from the grocery store to the house to realize that I never buckled Ethan into his car seat.  Yes, I'm admitting that.
  • Hitting Ethan's head on the wall at the doctor's office while trying to lean over and pick up my diaper bag...twice!  (At this point I am seriously questioning why I chose to share these with y'all.)
  • Cutting the skin on BOTH of my boys while attempting to cut their fingernails, ahem, more than once.

The way I look at it is we all make mistakes.  The plus side of all of these snafus and mistakes I have made is I'm still married and my kids are both alive.  I'd call that a win/win.

Here are some other gems of me being the antithesis of perfect!

Can you tell this is one of my favorite faces?


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