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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Planned Parenthood

I know there has been a lot of controversy over Planned Parenthood in recent years.  There has also probably been a lot of truths mixed with some untruths.  I saw this picture on Facebook today and I love it for two reasons: (1) The fact is accurate and (2)  I love Dwight!

It is true that no Planned Parenthood in the country has a mammogram machine.  Mr. President might want to check his facts before publicly promoting Planned Parenthood.

I was shocked at a couple of abortion related statistics I found for Planned Parenthood.  This is public information that has been published and trust me, I checked several sources before posting this.

Abortion made up 3 percent, with 324,008 abortion procedures in 2008.
Abortion made up 3 percent, with 329,445 abortion procedures in 2010.

Some may look at that and say, "Okay, that's only 3%.  What's the big deal?  They provide a lot of good services to women as well".  You know what I see when I look at those statistics?  In just two years that is 653,453 babies that were killed.  That is 653,453 babies that did not even get a chance at life.  That is 653,453 human lives that could have made a huge impact on this world.

Please do your research and really understand who you are voting for in this election.  Understand what their beliefs are and what they support.  I know abortion is not the only issue in this election but it is an issue that Obama and Romney have completely different opinions on.

If Ethan's birth mother had chosen the easy way out we would not have our precious little miracle with us today!  I am grateful and appreciative that she chose life for Ethan.  I have an incredible amount of respect for all of the women out there who choose life for their babies, even if they do not have a lifestyle that allows them to raise those babies themselves.  Adoption is ALWAYS an option!


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