Thursday, November 8, 2012

I wish I was a kid because...

I have had some heavier posts lately so I thought I would lighten the mood a little.  And yes, I realize this is my second post today.

I wish I was a kid because...

I could wear superhero underwear without being judged.
Garrison has some of the coolest underwear.  Yes, I realize I'm not a boy but they are still cool.

I could fart in public and not think twice about it.
As opposed to praying Garrison doesn't ask me (and not quietly) what that smell was.

I would have a ridiculous amount of energy.

I would be skinny, even if I ate donuts for breakfast, a pizza buffet for lunch and candy for dessert.  Check out this mom and tell me that's not funny.

I could have a new husband every week and not be judged for it (just kidding!).

Caffeine would actually have an effect on me.

I could blame my sister for everything again. 
Okay, Kristin... I finally admit it.

I could say what I wanted when I wanted and not care what people thought about me.
Oh wait, I already do that!

I wouldn't have to clean up after anyone, ever...ever!

If snot came out of my nose while laughing I wouldn't be embarassed.  I would just laugh harder.
Garrison did this last night!

I would have an excuse to go see the girly Disney movies.
So far I have bought Tangled and Beauty and the Beast for Garrison.  He has quickly learned those are really just for Mommy!

I would whole heartedly believe in Santa Claus!

I wouldn't be concerned with politics at all.
Garrison has been asking us lots of question about the election so I felt like he would want to know the results after Tuesday night.  Wednesday morning I woke up him and told him that Obama won the election so he would still be our president.  His response?  "Mommy, I'm seven years old.  I don't need to be worried about things like that."  HA!  I wish I didn't have to be worried either!


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