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Friday, November 2, 2012

Good Times

I have been learning lately that there is nothing like living in the moment.  I have to stop worrying about tomorrow and just enjoy the present, always.

My parents have dressed up every Halloween since Garrison has been one and they come over to trick or treat with us.  Their costumes are always a surprise and I can never get even the smallest hint out of them as to what they will be that year.  I joke about this but I'm pretty sure my mom starts planning the next year's costumes in November.  And my dad?  Well, he's just a as you can see from the pictures.

I wish I had pictures from every Halloween but here are the ones I could find.  I think I am missing all except one year (2007).

2008 - Tacky Tourists and Spidey

2009 - Batman, Batwoman and Hulk

2010 - Shrek and Fiona

And this one is blurry but I wanted to make sure I got Raphael in one.

2011 - Zorro and his Seniorita, along with Luigi

2012 - Mary Poppins and Bert, the chimney sweeper accompanied by the Ninja
My dad's face cracks me up in this one!

Although I am ridiculously sleep deprived today I was so excited to be able to catch up with two of my amazing long time friends last night.  It's funny how years and years can go by and you can just pick right back up where you left off.  They both came over to the house and after wine, dinner, catch up talk, a little more wine, some candy (these two are seriously professional Halloween candy checkers) and a little more wine we finally wrapped up the night around 1:30...yes, AM.  This almost 30 year old mama can't handle those late nights like I used to.  5:30 came way too early this morning!  Anyways, it just made me realize what a blessed girl I am to have developed such deep friendships at such a young age.  Even though life has taken us all down different paths I am so thankful that our paths have crossed again later in life.  And I know these girls (along with MANY others) will always be there for me. 

Today I encourage you to...
~Be thankful for your friends and family
~Live in the moment
~Tell someone you love them
~Squeeze your kids (or your animals) extra tight
~Give Him thanks because He gave us this crazy, awesome, beautiful thing we call life!


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