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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

People I Recommend

I hope everyone goes out to vote today if you haven't already! 

I had a previous post on products I recommend so I thought I should also have one on people I recommend.  After all, the best advertising is word of mouth!


I have been going to an awesome hair dresser for about 4 years now and she is amazing!  I was in desperate need of a cut so I went to see her yesterday.  I kept the long bob but got some long layers and bangs.  (By the way, every time I say, "I got bangs" I think of the girl in Legally Blonde who calls her friend Elle to tell her that.  Please tell me you know what I'm talking about!)  Anyways, I hate taking pictures of myself with my camera phone because it makes me feel like one of "those girls" but I wanted to share the results with you.  This is from yesterday.  Forgive the lack of makeup as this was at the end of the day.

And this one is from this morning with my boys.  (I felt silly doing a shot of myself two days in a row.)  I decided to flip it up today for a different look.  Notice Garrison's fohawk? :)

Anyways, her name is Linda Evans and she works at a salon in Sachse.  It is one of those salons where you can rent out space so she works for herself.  She has a 30% off special for new clients.  You can call or text her at 469.254.8608.

Holiday Decor

My in-laws have started making these wooden block letter signs.  These are not cheap if you purchase them on some other websites or in stores.  They do a really great job and are starting to do some fall ones now.  Here is a picture of their "Give Thanks" one.

How cute would that be on your mantle for the fall season?!  I believe they will be doing some for Christmas as well.  And I think they will also venture into the name signs like you would put in your kids' rooms.  A sign this size (7") costs $30 and if you get the smaller one (6") the cost is $27.  The signs will be delivered 3 days after you place your order.  You can order by e-mailing my mother-in-law, Donna, directly at

Electric Company

I have mentioned this on Facebook but we recently switched electric providers and are now with Champion Energy.  Our rate is ridiculously good compared to other companies.  You can save almost $100 per month by switching from a high cost provider to a smaller one like Champion.  So far, the service has been great!  If you look into using them be sure and use my referral ID and I will get a $50 credit.  The best part?  You will also get a $25 credit just for being referred.  Pretty sweet!

  Click here to learn more!

House Cleaning

I love, love, love the lady who cleans my house.  My mother-in-law referred her to me and I have referred several people to her.  She recently quit her job to clean houses full time so I am trying to help find her more clients.  Her prices are extremely reasonable and she will come to your house to give you a free estimate.  She lives in McKinney but cleans houses throughout most of the metroplex, including Wylie and even east of there.  Facebook message me if you want her info or you can comment on this post.

Little Bit of Everything

The name of her shop says it all.  I have bragged about my sister's creativity before but she is just so great I want to brag on her again!  She lives in the Houston area but can ship products for an extra fee.  If you're like me and see lots of cool ideas on Pinterest but know you will never make them she's your gal!  She can make pretty much anything you ask for.  Click here to see her Facebook page!  Here are some examples of her recent work.

She does these frames for kids (great baby shower gift) and spells out their name along with a scripture for each letter.  These are REALLY popular gifts! 

This one is an awesome frame she did for our dad... love it!  (The picture inside is compliments of her oldest until we can get a permanent one in there.)

China Cabinet Decor

Basket of cookies for a sorority party

I am most definitely feeling like the least creative person ever after telling you about all of these awesome creative people!  Haha!  I'm pretty sure I should get commission for recommending all these folks!  :)


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