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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Six Flags Fun

Let me get the negative out of the way first.  The Thomas house just can't seem to escape sickness this past month.  Let me just recap: Lice for Garrison, Croup for Ethan, Stomach Bug for Garrison, Bronchitis for Mommy, Sinus Infection for Daddy, Stomach Bug for Mommy, Semi Stomach Bug for Daddy (he just wanted to feel included I think).  PLEASE LORD, let that be all! 

I just got over this stomach bug today.  It.was.awful!  I won't go into details for your sake but it was not fun.  I even had to miss Garrison's last fall ball game because of it.  Thankfully we have some awesome team moms and one of them got these great pictures of the boys.

Call me partial but I don't think there is a cooler team out there than the Cubs!  ;) 

We gave Garrison a voucher for a day at Six Flags with Daddy for his birthday at the end of September.  They were finally able to go this past Sunday and they both had a blast!  I know Garrett was feeling like a kid again and Garrison was enjoying every single second, even standing in line.  Garrett said they started off with the Texas Giant followed by the Titan.  Definitely not the order this Mama would have chosen but Garrett said Garrison did awesome!  Even the Fright Fest characters didn't scare this guy (but I'm guessing because he had his big, strong Daddy by his side).  I guess I finally have to admit we have a thrill seeker on our hands. 

That will be a day they will never forget, I'm sure of it!  I wish Garrett would have gotten more pictures of Garrison but I'm glad he even got these.  I think he was having too much fun to worry about picture snapping.

Happy Halloween!  Pictures from tonight to be posted soon.


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