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Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween and Pumpkin Patch Fun

Get ready for picture overload with this post.  I hope you (and Blogger) can handle it.  :)

Halloween is one of my parents' mom's favorite holidays.  I am still unsure if she bribes talks my dad into it every year or if he really does enjoy dressing up.  You can check out this post for all of their previous costumes.

This year they bought Garrison an army man costume for his birthday so naturally this was to be his Halloween costume.  My mom also got Ethan some cute little cammo shorts and a hat so he could match Big Bro.  We had to improvise since it was cold which is why you will see him wearing pants under the shorts.  :)  My parents have always kept their costumes a secret until they show up at our house on Halloween so needless to say we do not ever coordinate costumes.  I was so excited when this is what I saw after answering the door last night.

It took me a while to realize those platforms (that my mom made) are the platforms army men stand on.  How creative!  And yet again I am reminded that my sister received ALL of my mom's creative genes.

Here are some of my other favorites from Halloween night.

 No, the beer is not a prop.  Ha!

 He was SO excited about getting his face painted that he stood patiently "in line" behind Garrison for Grammy to paint it.  This was his reaction halfway through it.  Ha!
 Good to go!
 We went to some friends' house to trick or treat and their neighborhood did not disappoint.  Fun times!
 Garrison and his mystery best friend.  I only say that because I still can't remember what he was dressed up as even though he told me twice.  Ha!
 The first house.  Doesn't E look excited? :)
 And our littlest army man is out!

This morning I went to Garrison's 9 week award ceremony at school and he received an award for A/B honor roll.  So proud of my big guy!

Best part about this picture?  I just realized he is holding his sign upside down.  Bahahahahahahaha!

I pulled Garrison out of school around lunch time I picked up Garrison after school and my parents and I took him to the pumpkin patch.  We didn't think we would make it this year but my mom found one that was open the weekend after Halloween.  I'm so glad I'm off Fridays so I could join them this year!  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day.

 Think he was excited?  He even learned to say "pumpkin"!

 "Well Hello There!"
 He literally said "Hi Puppy!" to every animal he saw.  Ha!

 I'll give you one who guess who that is behind Garrison going after the jumbo hand sanitizer!  Pretty sure my dad used that about 10 times while we were there.  Gotta' love him!
 Ethan's first attempt (and a successful one) feeding the animals.
 When Garrett was looking through my pictures this afternoon he said, "Is Ethan EATING the animal feed?"  I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Welp, yeah, I guess he was."  Hahahaha!
 This series of pictures made me laugh so hard!  This goat was definitely not camera shy!

 I mean, really?!  Haha!
 Daddy also took advantage of the photo op with this sure to be famous one day goat!

 The one picture I got of them together.  Too bad Ethan was saying, "I down" the entire time.
 Yep, that's my son!
 And this cheeser is too.  Love it!
 Garrison wouldn't smile because he said he wanted it to look like he was really doing work in the field on his tractor.  Okay, dude.

 First time ever we have had the hayride completely to ourselves.  Awesome!

 I'll give you one guess who was MOST excited about this hayride!  LOVE her!

 Ethan giving "Scruffy" the stray dog some loving. 
 Scruffy is a very appropriate name for this guy.  Hoping he finds a permanent home soon!  Trust me Scruffy, you don't want it to be with us.  Ethan may love on you now but when he gets you home he will torment you like he does the others.  ;)

Our night ended with an end of season dinner for our Cubs.  I didn't get any good pictures so I'm hoping one of the other moms got some good ones I can share with you next time.

This mama is going to bed!


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