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Friday, October 11, 2013

Birthday Celebrations

Garrison's birthday was September 23rd and I think we over celebrated this year.  He got to have a sleepover with a few friends, a friend party at the batting cages, a birthday dinner on his actual birthday and a family birthday lunch with extended family.  Yep, we over celebrated!  :)  I don't know why 8 hit me so hard but it did.  Maybe because 8 is one of those ages where they are leaving little boyhood and turning into a young man.  A lot of kids get their first pocket knives at 8 or go on their first hunting trips at 8.  Looks like we're waiting for 9 or 10 on those two.  ;)

For Garrison's family birthday lunch we went to Gloria's (shocker, I know) at Fairview.  It was a great spot because the kids got to play in the fountains outside afterward.  (My sister and her kids were able to come in town and they met us at the fountains.)  It started pouring down rain at the fountains and we hurried over to the oh so yummy Dulce coffee shop to warm up.  What a great day/weekend full of family fun!

Here are some pics of his birthday celebrations.

Garrett celebrated his 31st birthday on Tuesday.  Poor guy didn't get much attention since it was pure chaos in our house this past week (see prior post).  Here are a few pictures of our quiet night at home.  I made him his favorite dinner - chicken fried steak and boyscout potatoes and picked up an oh so yummy Mocha ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins.  

I am so thankful to have these cool birthday boys in my life!


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