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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekends Like This...

My husband left Friday to go dove hunting for the weekend.  Sometimes time away from each other is nice and gives us a little break.  But with my parents also out of town this weekend and Garrison's baseball game being cancelled on Saturday it was, at first, well...boring to be honest.  But I have to say that being forced to just sit at home with the boys and enjoy some good 'ole play time ended up being pretty nice.  It made me realize that weekends like this don't come often.  Weekends like this are the ones I will miss when my boys are grown and gone.  I tried to capture some normal play time with my boys because I am not great about capturing the every day.  I know one day I will look back on these pictures and remember the simple, happy memories of our life.

Friday Night Fort
He let me pick the movie (yes, he will make a great husband one day) so we watched Enchanted.  Loved it!
 Some morning oatmeal with this cute little booger!
 Garrison wanted to play "store" so he set up shop.  He even displayed the special books on a cammo blanket.  He cracked me up when he busted out the low voice to try and fill the part of bookstore owner.

 The owner with his cash register
 He kept telling me that E was the "boss man".  I asked him if it was normal that "boss man" was pooping in his pants.  Garrison's response?  "Yes ma'am.  He wears adult diapers so it's okay."
 Ethan didn't seem to think it was okay as he checked out what was going on.

Ethan found a dryer sheet and kept saying "face" while walking around and rubbing it on everyone's faces.

 This guy makes us laugh!

Garrison found a new friend!

 E loved outside time!
 Showing bubba his new friend

 Our Halloween decorations - Garrison had the idea of tying the spider up with dental floss.  Why not?!

Saying goodbye to Mr. Grasshopper
 Poor Tex was tormented all weekend by Ethan but he took it like a champ!
 Garrison painting Daddy a sweet Welcome Home sign
 Proof that he does not leave Tex alone...or my drapes
 Dance Party for One!
 Make that Two!

 Sweet Brothers

What did I ever do to deserve these guys?!
 A little baseball practice on this gorgeous Sunday afternoon

I plan on really soaking in the downtime with my boys over the next several years because I know how fast it goes!


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