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Friday, October 11, 2013

Granny's 80th and Pics of Our #23

In September we went to Coleman to celebrate Granny's 80th birthday.  Granny is actually my husband's grandmother but I have been calling her "Granny" since we got married.  Garrett just adores her and I can see why.  She is the ONLY person who can tell him what to do... and I love it!  It is so neat to watch Garrison and Ethan form a relationship with her as well.  And she is also the only person that can override our "No's" where the boys are concerned.  Garrison: "Mommy, can I have more candy?"  Me: "No."  Granny:  "Of course you can.  You're at Granny's house."  Ha!  Garrison gets "big boy coffee" only at Granny's house and he so looks forward to those weekends.

Here are lots of pictures from our weekend in Coleman.

Cuddling in the hotel room.

These pictures crack me up!  Ethan let Addison play beauty shop on him.

Granny teaching Addison how to cook

Nana and all her grandkids.  I am blessed to have this lady as my MIL and they are lucky to have her as their Nana!

Garrison and Addison

Granny's Party!

My in-laws made this sign and I love it!  Even though they spelled "Grannie" a little differently than we do! :)

My MIL and SIL did an awesome job on the center pieces.  I just let them tell me where to put things.  Ha!

Granny with all her great grandkids.  I love this because it's so real!

Granny and the oldest great grandson, my handsome boy!

I realized this past week that I have no pictures of Garrison playing ball this season.  I wanted to share some with y'all.  When did my adorable little boy turn into a handsome young man?!


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