Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter and Restore

We had such a great Easter weekend and I hope y'all did too.  Garrett and I had an at home date night Friday night since Garrison spent the night with a friend.  We rented Zero Dark Thirty and I loved it.  I went to my best friend's baby shower on Saturday and had some catch up time with good friends.  I spent Saturday night with my three favorite guys.  Sunday's church service was amazing, as always, and then we went to my in-laws' that afternoon for a yummy dinner and Easter egg hunt!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of our Easter festivities.

Garrison got a swimsuit, colored bubbles and candy from the Easter Bunny!

E got a swimsuit and a book!

My handsome chickadees (or would that be chickadoos?) are ready for church!

Me and my two favorite boys!
Sweet cousins helping each other on the egg hunt at Nana's and PawPaw's

Sweet kiddos and their eggs

Daddy was so excited to get home just in time for the Rangers.  Opening night was not as successful as we had hoped but here's to Tuesday night!


I have blogged a lot about marriage and how incredibly hard it can be. You can read about some of those posts here.

This song, "Restore" from Chris August is just amazing and you can listen to it by clicking here.

The enemy tries to come and divide
Trying to get us to give up the fight

Satan is very real and he attacks us where it hurts the most. For many of us that is the number one relationship in our life, our marriage. The success or failure of our marriage has a huge impact on our lives and our childrens' lives. What better relationship for Satan to try and destroy?!

Here is the good news, though:

But darkness will always lose out to light
'Cause we've got the power of Christ on our side

If you are struggling in your marriage don't give up.  Stop trying to control it.  Give it up to God and let Him restore it.  Trust Him and trust that He wants your marriage to work.  I promise you will be amazed at the transformation only He can provide.


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