Tuesday, April 9, 2013


My friend Julia posted a link to a great article today along with a cool video.  You can read it here.  Just like the author of the article I had a sudden realization of how short life is after watching this video.  And I really started pondering his question, "What would you do if you only had one hundred years to live?".

Isn't it funny how older people seem so laid back?  I was at my hairdresser's yesterday and her co-worker, an older lady, was in the room with us.  We were talking about parenting and all kinds of other life issues.  We were giving each other advice and talking about all of the what ifs.  After about 30 minutes I realized that the older lady wasn't saying too much.  But the input she did have was incredibly wise and simple.  I think when we are going through the hardest parts of life - a struggling marriage, finding the balance of working and holding together a family, trying to parent in a way that we don't totally screw up our kids, etc. - we get so caught up in trying to do everything right that we sometimes forget to enjoy the "right now" and we miss the point of life. 

I could spend time worrying about how my marriage will be in ten years.  I could spend time worrying about my boys rebelling as teenagers and what I can do now to prevent that.  I could worry that my grandma, mom, dad or sister might get sick and I selfishly won't have them here with me on this earth as long as I want them.  OR I can simply enjoy every moment I have with my family.  I can continue to try and be the person I know God wants me to be.  I can continue to love my family and cherish every single memory we make together.  I think the latter sounds much more enjoyable.

So, back to the author's question of what I would do if I only had one hundred years to live... I will try my best to live every day of this life for the One who gave me life.  I will remind myself that life is short and I need to embrace it.  I will cherish my husband and the sanctity of our marriage.  I will continue to give thanks every day for my amazing and healthy boys and do the best I can to raise them into Godly men who will make an impact on this world for the better.  And when it's time for me to leave this life behind (whether I'm 30 or 90) I will do it with no regrets.


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