Friday, April 12, 2013

God Has a Sense of Humor!

Garrett and I have always joked that we were scared to have another child after Garrison because he truly was the perfect baby/toddler/little boy.  We were just sure that if we had another one he would be the complete opposite.  Fast forward about six years and we were blessed enough to be able to adopt one of the most beautiful boys I have ever laid eyes on ~ Ethan Gregory Thomas!

As a baby Ethan was SO easy - he started sleeping through the night about two months after we brought him home, he rarely cried, he did not have acid reflux (unlike Garrison) nor was he colicky.  Over the last several months this little angel baby has decided to show us his stubborn and VERY independent streak.  And it makes me realize - God really does have a sense of humor.  I can just see God looking down at me now, saying, "You thought raising kids was easy, huh?  You thought you had it ALL figured out on your own, didn't you?".  Okay, God... I might need a little help this time around! :) 

This precious boy throws random tantrums by falling onto the carpet face down, screaming.  He laughs when I tell him no (and then repeats what he just did). And he randomly yells "NO" to me all.the.time!  I honestly think I am in such shock half the time that I don't even know how to react. 

As sweet and cuddly as this boy can be (leaning in with a smile to give me "kisses" when I ask for them), I've decided that it's time for this Mama to get back into the swing of mothering a toddler.  Consistency, consistency, consistency. 
I sure hope I'm up for the challenge!  Wish me luck!!!

Loving on Tex - in the dog cage (his favorite room in the house)!

Don't let that innocent smile fool you for a second! ;)

Wrapping himself in toilet paper

Love those blue eyes!

Like I said, wish me luck! :)

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