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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Us moms have pretty crazy lives.  Whether you have babies or kids in school life is go, go, go all the time!  If you are like me you have gotten your morning routine down from an hour to 20 minutes flat.  Yes, this includes shower, shaving, blow drying/straightening hair and makeup.  Ha!

Seriously, though, I think one of the most beautiful things about moms is our imperfections.  I try to leave the house looking nice but that is not always possible.  Sometimes I go to Wal-Mart with my hair in somewhat of a ponytail, no makeup, spit up on my shirt and a tee shirt with holes.  (At least I fit in with my surroundings, haha!)  Okay, that's a little extreme but I'm not saying I haven't really done that. 

Most of the great moms I know don't always look 100% put together.  They are not always in tip top shape with fresh from the tanning salon tans and absolutely no roots.  They don't have completely clean houses or perfectly manicured lawns.  But they are GREAT moms!  And you know what I bet their kids would say if you asked them to describe their moms?  "My mom is pretty, fun and loves to spend time with me!" 

I think a lot of women out there are so eager to impress their friends and perfect strangers.  Why?!  What will that get you in life?  I would hope my friends love me for my humor or my listening skills and not my cute outfit or perfect make up.  Side Note:  This is why I only hang out with REAL girls! 

I don't know about you, but I would rather be "perfect" in the eyes of my kids than have a flat stomach, tan legs and a sparkling clean house.  How could I not want to spend time with these awesome boys?  (P.S.  Garrison just picked a flower in this picture and is handing it to me!)


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