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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Focusing on Their Strengths

The other day I found myself focusing on some of my 8 year old's weaknesses.  As I read that back it sounded pretty harsh.  But we all have weaknesses.  That is part of being human.  That afternoon he was being argumentative, over sensitive and not focusing on his homework.

However, later that evening...
Garrison asked me if he could help me cook dinner. 
When he was eating dinner with Ethan, who was not really eating, he coaxed him to eat more by saying, "Mmmmm, this is so good!" and taking a big bite.  Little brother promptly followed suit and repeated these words followed by a few heaping spoons full of food. 
Garrison played toys with Ethan that night and then made him laugh during bath time. 
He gave me an extra long hug at bedtime and told me how much he loved me.

I felt so ashamed when I went to bed that night.  How can I choose to focus on a few weaknesses of my son when he has SO many strengths?!  And do I not have many, many weaknesses of my own?  And what good will it do to focus on someone's weaknesses anyways?!  I decided right then and there to start focusing on my boys' strengths. 

Garrison is compassionate, kind, helpful, handsome, empathetic, loving, caring and hilarious.

Ethan is feisty, strong willed, independent, adorable, loving, smart and funny.


Instead of worrying I will pray.  Instead of discouraging (which I hope is rare) I will encourage.  Instead of complaining I will praise.


And I think this is something we can apply to all relationships in our life.  While it is important to speak truth in love to those we care about, it is equally important to build them up, encourage them and show them the grace and mercy God shows us.



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