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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Do Something!

There are many days I wake up and wonder what is going on in our world.  Today was one of those mornings.  I saw an article about a man in his late teens who is wanted for producing child pornography.  I will not go into details but it involved him and an 18 month old baby.  It's moments like these that I am completely heart broken for what our world has become.  We can ask "why" all day long.  We can ask God to fix it.  We can hope that "they" find him and "justice will be served".  But why are we always relying on other people to fix our broken world? 

I think sometimes we underestimate ourselves and the power WE can have in this world.  YOU can change this world.  You may not be able to change every person or the entire world single handedly but YOU can change a day (or a life) for one person or two people or a community.  That is huge! 

Are you tired of the way our kids' generation is behaving?  Do something.
Raise your kids to have morals and values.  Raise them to have kindness, love, compassion and to understand that they should love like God loves them.  Raise them to be Heroes for their families.

Are you tired of seeing children being raised in orphanages and bouncing from one foster family to another?  Do something.
Adopt.  Or become a foster family that can provide true love, support and a faith filled home to a child in need.

Are you tired of having a failing marriage?  Do something.
Reconnect with your spouse.  Make an intentional effort to work on your marriage.

Are you tired of not being happy?  Do something.
Make a conscious decision every day you wake up to be happy.  No matter what your life circumstances are it is a choice.  It is your choice.

Smiling at someone in the grocery store could completely change their mood.  Your smile and joy might make them realize that life isn't so bad.  And what if they go home and pass that joy onto their family instead of going home angry and frustrated?  What if they smile at someone else?  We don't realize that one small act can cause a huge domino effect.

I love the song "Do Something" by Matthew West.  The video below is simple but so is doing something.

We have to stop complaining and start doing something, no matter how small.  It's the only way to affect change in this world.


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