Thursday, August 22, 2013

Port Aransas 2013

What a fun, relaxing, sometimes exhausting and not quite enough sleep vacation!

We took off last Thursday afternoon for Austin to stay with my cousin for the night.  We thought breaking up the trip would help the boys with the long car ride.  Can you tell I was pretty excited for vacation?

I LOVED seeing my cousin and her new house but the traffic/construction/rain getting to Austin wasn't too fun.  Who closes down an entire highway at 8 pm for construction?!

Good thing the hubbs found a way around the construction!  We were so happy to finally get to my cousin's house.  I would love to say the boys slept great but I'll just say Garrison did.  Ethan was up crying around 3 am and again at 6 am.  That boy can sleep through dogs barking, Garrison playing and Garrett yelling at the tv during baseball season at home but he does not do well when we travel.  :/  I was so happy my cousin got up early with me to visit and hang out.  

Ethan sure wanted to get in their pool!  Too bad it wasn't quite ready yet.

 He settled for some snuggle time with Elisabeth!
After some breakfast (ridiculously good breakfast tacos from a taco truck up the street) we were on our way to Port A!  And this sight sure was refreshing since we were in a hurry to get to the beach!

We finally made it to the house!  I wasn't too worried about getting us a house right on the beach because in Port A you can drive your car right up to the shore line if you want.  Talk about perfect for the kids, especially those that are still in the napping stages.  Our beach house was really close to town and still only a couple blocks for the beach.  It really was such a great beach house!

 Upstairs deck

Grammy got some quality time in with her boys right away!

We made it down to the beach and I was a happy girl!  I think the boys were pretty happy too!

Garrison was ready to boogie!

I just loved this sign in the bathroom!

 Dad and Garrett couldn't wait to test out the grill, aka drink beer and smoke cigars, while cooking! :)

The next day we went to a little shop in town with a HUGE shark out front.  The boys loved it!

 It scared the pants off E! :)

 Papa enjoying some time with the boys back at the beach house.
The next day at the beach was just as fun!  Here are some of my favorite pictures!

Kristin and the kiddos arrived on Sunday afternoon.  I think the big boys were super excited to see each other.  KiKi came fully prepared with toys and games (unlike her little sister).  Headbands!

Later that night after all the kids were in bed the grown ups stayed up to have a game night.  Everything was going great until we heard Ethan screaming upstairs.  This did not seem to abnormal but when I got him up to bring him downstairs I quickly realized this was not a normal cry.  He was screeching and writhing around in pain.  My little boy has always had tummy issues but this time it was really bad.  So bad in fact that we decided to go ahead and take him to the ER (prune juice and Mirilax just weren't doing the trick).  The nearest urgent care place was way too far so we hopped the ferry in the middle of the night and went to a not so modern hospital... where we waited, and waited, and waited!  I could go on and on and but I'll just leave you with this picture.  Daddy did a good job blowing up this surgical glove to keep little E entertained. 

The poor baby didn't even doze off until around 2:30 am.  They took an x-ray and surprise, surprise...the little guy was full of shit (pun intended)!  Did they give him an enema like we wanted?  Nope.  Just instructions on where to get one and how to do it ourselves the next day...awesome!

After about three hours of sleep for me and a trip to the pharmacy with my dad I had to follow doctor's orders.  With the help of KiKi, Grammy and Papa (to whom I am forever grateful) we gave our hopefully last ever enemas to this unsuspecting little boy.  I will spare you the details but let me tell you those things WORK!  (And they are still working well into this week!)

Ethan all snuggled up with Will.  So sweet!

Let me tell you, I do not do well on little sleep.  And that was reconfirmed on Monday when I tried so hard to make it through the day completely exhausted.  I did it but I'm pretty sure I slept harder than I ever have that next night.  (Thankfully Ethan slept 9 hours straight!  Praise the Lord!)

A little outside fun on Monday night before dinner.

 Sweet Big Bro!

 This is pretty much how Ethan was the whole trip.  I think the only words we heard from him were, "NO!", "Stop it!" or "Let Go!".  HA!

 This is seriously my all time favorite picture and it needs no caption!
 Ethan: "Now she's a hoss!"
 Some of my favorite beach pictures from Tuesday.

Garrison was a pro on the skim board!

 Gorgeous sunset on our only night out to dinner.  Just beautiful!

Here are some pictures my mom sent me of their day adventure with the big boys.  They rented a golf cart and tooled around town.  Snow cones for the boys of course!

Thankfully Garrett works with a guy who used to live in Corpus and he told us a great way to go back.  Not only was it a beautiful scenic drive but we avoided I-35, thank goodness!

Ferry ride 

We stopped for lunch in Le Grange.  You know you're in a small town when your drink is served in a mason jar...that's what I'm talkin' about!

 Me and the boys at the Veterans Memorial.  It was so cool, surrounded with all the military flags.
 Daddy and the boys
 I think someone was tuckered out.  This is definitely a picture worthy of the slide show for his wedding one day! :)
 Just a little reading on the way home! :)

I really am a beach girl!  I can't wait until we can afford to move to a coastal town and just enjoy it every single day!  Until then I will just try and remember this view!



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