Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cousin Camp 2013 (Part One)

My sister Kristin (Kiki) thought we should have a Cousin Camp this year for all of our kiddos.  She has two boys, Will and Ben, and one girl, Ellie.  I have two boys, Garrison and Ethan.  This was by far the best idea ever!  We went to Houston last Wednesday night and stayed through Sunday.  So.much.fun! 

Of course my talented, creative, no sleep needed sister planned everything and I was just along for the ride.  I figured the easiest way to document Cousin Camp was to break my posts up day by day so here we go...

Warning:  This will be the longest post of all.  Thursday was a long day FULL of activities!


The boys and I got to Houston Wednesday evening.  My sister made this cute welcome sign for us.

I felt even more welcomed after walking into a yummy smelling kitchen (home made enchiladas) and my brother-in-law offering me a glass of wine.  Yes, please!

The boys were so excited to see each other!  They got to play and get some energy out and then we moved on to our first fun activity - making t-shirts for the week!

After some story time and prayers the kiddos were off to bed.

This is the first night when we were full of energy and excitement.  Just wait until the pictures in the last post of the final night!  ;)


The kids were up bright and early Thursday morning.  Good thing Kiki had a yummy breakfast planned!  I mean, did you ever get food like this at "camp" when you were little?

 Ethan and Ellie loved it...

Thankfully it wasn't just for the kiddos!

The kids were super excited to get to put on their official Cousin Camp shirts!

KiKi taught the kids the bible verse for the week (John 3:16), we listened to the theme song for the week and even had a little dance party!

Making crosses.  The challenge of the day was to find things shaped like crosses everywhere we went.

Even Ellie Day participated! 

 Our first outing was to the Houston Nature Center.  I still can't believe this place was free.  They had tons of hiking trails, wildlife, playgrounds, gardens and even an indoor discovery center with a scavenger hunt check list.  Here are some of my favorite pictures!

One of the gardens talked about the five senses.  It was a really cool visual for the kids.

Garrison's face cracked me up...

So naturally I made him pose for another "taste" picture! :)

We passed by this office on the way to the playground.  I think someone has a lot of work to catch up on! :)

KiKi read to the little ones...
 while the big boys worked on the scavenger hunt!

 This lady was SO sweet and helped them through their lists.
 Ellie loved the fish...
 ...and KiKi kept Ethan laughing with some tickle time!

We headed over to a nearby park for lunch.  After being attacked by ants and getting all hot and sweaty we decided to head home.  It is quite apparent to my sister and I that we are far from the outdoorsy type. :)

We came home and the kids had rest time.  I might have dozed off for a bit too.  What was Kiki doing?  Probably perfecting her spreadsheet for the next day.  Or prepping for the next craft.  That girl has an endless supply of energy I tell ya'!

After nap time we took the kids to Jump In, a really cool indoor bounce house.  Huge success!

This picture of E cracks me up!  Will wasn't giving up though.

 That's more like it!

 I'm gonna' go ahead and say E is not a fan of the bounce houses just yet! :)
 They had this really cool baseball one that blew air out of the cone to support the baseball, like a tee.  The big boys loved it!

 And E was just fascinated!

 I love seeing these kiddos all snuggled up on the couch together.  These quiet moments are rare but oh so sweet!

After a full day with the kiddos we thought this would be the perfect night to have a girls' night to celebrate my sister's birthday (today by the way)!  So off to El Tiempo we went.  I'm gonna go ahead and rank this as the top Mexican restaurant ever!  Yep, you read that right!  So yummy! 
 A night out with me is not official until you put cilantro in your teeth and smile, smile, smile!
 Such a sweet cilantro smile!
 And then (as if we weren't full enough) we headed next door so I could try my first ever crepe!  I was not disappointed.  Don't worry, we shared it! ;)
 So where was our next stop?  A bar?  A club?  Nah...HEB of course!  Doesn't every mom's GNO end at the grocery store?! ;)


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