Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cousin Camp 2013 (Part Two)

The theme for Friday was "we are special".  Kiki made these really cute signs and hung them on the chairs for all the kiddos. 

The challenge for the day was for the big boys to tell us what made them special.  We got a lot of "because God loves me" answers which is fine by me because it's oh so true!  I wish we could all think as simply as our kids do and remember just how much God loves us.  And sometimes that's all we need to remind ourselves in our crazy day to day life.

I love their final pose after their morning dance party.

 Me and Ellie Day watching the show.

We made the hour long trek to Brenham.  What's in Brenham you ask and worth driving an hour for?  The original Blue Bell factory of course!  This was well worth the drive.  Our tour guide was so sweet and informative and they have a really cute gift shop there too.  I got a coffee mug for myself and a beer koozie for my hubby, which he has been using every night since we have gotten back.  :)  Oh and the free ice cream at the end ain't too bad either! ;)

 The cute barn elevator door
 After the tour we headed to Chappell Hill Bakery and Deli and had some oh so yummy BBQ!  After standing in line for about 20 minutes with whiny kids I was oh so excited to find out that they sold beer at the end of the line too!

 After we came home and had nap time (which I again partook in) we set the kids up for some Olympic games.  Will got all the way to Level 10 in the ball toss.  I'm sure Kiki had a more clever name for this game but it's escaping me at the moment.

 Capri Sun break with these gangstas!

Hula Hoop Contest

 Silly String Fight!

I love how it hangs off his ears! :)

A little night time charades!

Our aunt and uncle came over for dinner that night and it was so great visiting with them.  Good thing they don't mind all the crazy kids running around.  I'm kicking myself for not getting any pictures that evening but I think I was too distracted by the endless laughter and good company.  :)

That night we planned a "camp out" for the boys.  Chris had the tents all set up in the game room upstairs but after we realized that may not be the best place (right in between the sleeping babies' rooms) we moved them to the boys' room.  We read some books, said some prayers and off to bed they went!

Kiki and I stayed up to watch the movie "Love and Honor".  It was a lot better than I thought it would be and Liam Hemsworth sure was easy on the eyes!


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