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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Catch Up

My sister and her kiddos came in town over Memorial Day weekend and we had SO much fun!  We stayed the night at my parents' house Friday night.  Saturday morning the boys woke up at 5:30 am - yep, you read that right.  So I went to get them all donuts and we started our fun filled day!  We had lots of park time, pool time and family time...Nothing better!

They all had lights of some sort and thought they were pretty cool!

Fun at the park - love these new "bad boy" poses!

Bicycle Legs

Yes, we swam in this! :)

They still had a blast!

Kiki may have been right when she said it was too wet to take them to the park.  Tee hee!

At first I thought this was a hilarious picture...until I realized the rabbit is about to die a horrible death and Garrison has a pretty scary look on his face.  Hmmmm...

Papa and the little ones!

Grammy and the big boys!

Birthday Princess!

Sleepy Boy!

Took a break from watching Garrison practice baseball to feed the ducks!

She is so beautiful I can't stand it!

Happy Couple!

Cousins saying Goodbye.  :(  Oh, how we wish they lived closer!

Last Friday night I met my friends Natalie and Anne for dinner and I got to hold beautiful Miss Ally for a few minutes.  Tell me she's not precious!

And here are some recent pictures of Ethan I just had to share!

Baby stuck in a drawer...ha!

I am so proud of Garrison and his teammates for not only having an undefeated season but for winning the first game in the playoffs.  Our second game is Thursday night and if we win that one (fingers crossed) we go on to the Championships!  These boys (and their coaches) have worked so hard this season and we are so proud of them!  Go Cubs!!!  (Thanks for this awesome picture, Crystal.)

I can't believe school is out in just 2 days!  And I'm even more shocked that I will have a 2nd grader...where has the time gone?  I took Thursday off so I can go to Garrison's assembly at school and then we are going to lunch and a movie.  Love our mama/son date days and I can't wait until Ethan is old enough to join in the fun!


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