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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Last Day of 1st Grade, Contagious Laughter, Go Cubs!

I was so glad I was able to take off work for Garrison's last day of school.  I went to the assembly at his school where he received awards for no tardies and perfect attendance all year.  I was almost as shocked by his perfect attendance award as I was when I was told I made the top 10% of my class senior year in high school.  However, I didn't feel the need to ask his counselors to double check the stats like I did in my situation.  :)

After the assembly we went to lunch with my parents and then my mom and I took him to see Escape from Planet Earth.  It was a great day spent with my (gasp) 2nd grader!  Here are some pictures from the day.

Walking into the assembly with some classmates.

Getting his perfect attendance award.
From last day of 1st grade to an office professional in one day!
(Playing at Papa's office)
He's got this down!
Showing off his medal.
He's all tuckered out.  Asleep in the buggy at Wal Mart.  WT?!
Enough energy left to ride his bike.  Doing a great job without training wheels!

Ethan truly has a contagious laugh.  I find myself laughing at him all the time.  Whether he's being precious, laughing his deep belly laugh or throwing a tantrum I'm laughing.  (I mostly laugh at the latter just so I can stay sane.) 

Here is a video from this past weekend I took of him.  Even when he wasn't feeling his best he still had a great belly laugh going.

This has to be my all time favorite photo series that I took from dinner last night of him and Garrett.  I'm just glad I got to sit behind the camera and laugh for this one.

 And here are two of my other favorite recent pictures of him.
  He's regularly standing up on his own.  Now if we could just get that walking part down!

I am so proud of Garrison and all the Cubs for continuing to have an undefeated regular season and playoff season this Spring.  Thursday night is the big Championship game and I'm not sure if us parents or the boys are more excited!  Here are some of my favorite recent pictures of our boys.  (I borrowed most of these from other parents.)

End of season pool party this past weekend.

Silly Faces!
After their win last night!

 Love these boys!


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