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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Work Quirks

I don't even know what this title really means.  I just like the sound of it. 

I have worked in offices with 200 people and I've worked in offices with 5 people.  Both have their pros and cons I suppose.  I really do enjoy where I'm at and the people I work with but there are times where I just find myself staring back and someone and thinking, "What the hell?!". 

I am in a very small office now and we have an audio system that plays music only in the lobby area of our office (where I sit).  In case I'm not making myself clear I am the ONLY person who can hear this music.  The owner likes to keep it on the classical station.  That's all fine and good but for some reason that music drives me up the wall.  It is the antithesis of relaxing music to me.  He knows I listen to my radio at my desk unless there are clients here and the other day he mentioned that is perfectly fine with him because he understands how the classical music could get bothersome after a while.  So can someone please tell me why he felt the need just a bit ago to turn up the classical music to what had to have been almost full volume?!  It was a song that sounded more like a marching band than Mozart and I jumped out of my chair and immediately expected a marching band to appear in front of me in our office.  No such luck.  Reminded me of the movie "The Other Sister".  Anyone?!

I know you have to learn to work with different personalities when you are in the corporate world but I swear (for my last two jobs at least) I continue getting the short end of the stick.  My boss really is a nice man but he is just so very odd.  He likes attention apparently so when he walks out of our office (even to go to the bathroom) he will literally stand there and jiggle the doorknob until I acknowledge his presence.  I thought maybe I was overanalyzing things so one day so I tried something new.  I pretended like I didn't hear him jiggling the knob to see if he would go on his merry way.  Oh, no...he kept a jigglin' until I finally looked up.  He also likes to have odd staring contests with people.  You know those people - where they aren't sure where to look when they talk to you and they run out of things to say but they continue standing in your personal space and just staring?!  So I have just learned to stare back in silence until he turns and walks away. 

I have blogged before about the owner of the previous company I worked for.  I would definitely say he was ranked up there on the wack job scale.  I used to chauffer him around town (even though he had a car here) and every time we rode in my car he would roll the window up and down, up and down, up and down.  I couldn't quite figure it out so I just let him continue on.  (In hind sight I think I should have locked the windows to see what he would have done.)  Anyhoo, one day we were riding along and he looked at my dashboard in an obvious manner and proceeded to ask me if I had dogs.  I told him I did.  He then asked me if they ride ON the dashboard.  Now, I could have been offended that he thought my car was dirty but instead I just laughed...and said "yes, yes they do". 

After working in the corporate world for a little over 10 years now I have learned that you can't take things to seriously.  I take my job and duties in that job seriously but I have learned that you just can't figure some people out.  I have met one too many people with screws loose up top and you just have to learn to let it amuse rather than annoy you.  That's my two cents at least.

If I was going to have a super awkward boss I would much rather have someone like Michael Scott (The Office).  Enjoy these clips!!!


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