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Monday, May 20, 2013

Well...This is 30!

Most people I know celebrate turning 30 with a huge "dirty thirty" party.  What does that mean anyways?  It just makes me think of all kinds of nastiness.  Anyhoo, not this gal!  Friday was my birthday and I took the day off to pamper myself...because, why not?!  I got a massage that morning and then my sweet Mama treated me to a mani/pedi.  We met my dad for a yummy lunch at Urban Rio in downtown Plano - a must try by the way if you have not already.  Garrett, the boys and I spent that evening grilling out at my parents' house and watching the Rangers game...I loved every single minute!

This is what 30 looks like - kind of the same as 29!

The cute wine glass holder my mom had out for me - good thing I kept it empty most of the night so that poor man's hands didn't get tired.

 The beautiful (and oh so bright) cake my Mama made

Me and my favorite 7 year old boy ever!

Wish made - check
Candles licked - check

I came home Friday night to a birthday package on my front porch.  I absolutely LOVE the custom wine glass my friend Bridget got me.  It says, "Jewels, 30 Years Young!".

Saturday we dropped the kids off at my in-laws' and we went "north" as we call it (to Choctaw).  I'm not gonna' lie - this girl LOVES to gamble (thanks Daddy)!  This is the before picture of me in the truck (about 10 minutes away) ready to go.  I know - it's kinda' ridiculous.

I didn't take an after picture because it would have been too depressing.  Hahaha!  And that sums up our casino trip.

Sunday morning my lovely boys got up bright and early so we went ahead and got our grocery shopping out of the way.  Since we had NO groceries in the house I thought a little breakfast at McDonald's (in Wal Mart - gotta' stay classy) would be a great choice!  Ethan pretty much fell in love with pancakes and sausage that morning.  "MmmmmmmMmmmmmMmmmm" is all we heard out of him for a good 10 minutes.

Here are some other recent pictures.

 This boy is gonna' wear me out!

He loooves his doggies.  They must love him too since they tolerate this.

I think they get excited when he leaves them alone too, though. 


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