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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Superdads Help Make Supermoms!

I do think I am a good mom but I have come to realize that I may be too prideful when it comes to successful parenting.  I am the one that, from the outside, holds it all together.  I am the "official caretaker" of our boys and make sure all of their day to day needs are met.  I am not minimizing that responsibility at all but I would like to take this opportunity to throw a lot of the credit to my best friend and partner in this crazy husband. 

My husband is not the nurturing type.  While he is an extremely affectionate and loving father he doesn't coddle our boys at all.  He is more of the playful parent who makes the boys laugh.  He does an amazing job at teaching Garrison the skills he will one day need as a man.  He teaches him about respecting women and his elders.  He teaches him about having confidence in himself and his abilities.  He teaches him by example how important it is to work hard for your family.  He pushes him when he knows he can do better.  He calls him out when he lies and comes up with punishments that serve a purpose and teach him a lesson.  And of course he is the one they listen to no matter what.  He speaks and they listen, period.  (Must be nice!) 

The other day we were driving home from my in laws' house and I told Garrison he needed to take a shower when we got home.  He started asking why he needed to take a shower and the conversation just seemed to never end.  Garrett interrupted him and told him that he needs to listen to me and respect me.  And when I tell Garrison to do something there should be no arguing or back talk, period.  Garrett's exact words were, "You WILL listen to your mom and will not argue with her so you better get that idea out of your head right now little boy!".  Sometimes I feel like he is being too harsh with Garrison but then I realize he is not only doing me a favor but Garrison as well.  Nothing is sexier to me than watching my husband with my boys...nothing... whether he is kissing them good night and telling them not to let the bedbugs bite or whether he is firmly telling Garrison something out of love to teach him an important life lesson.

When Garrison was a baby I used to wish that Garrett would do more around the house to help.  But I realize now that the impact he has had and will continue to have on Garrison and Ethan's lives are far greater than him changing a diaper, doing a load of laundry or cleaning up the dishes.  I am so incredibly grateful to have a partner in this life who supports me and encourages me in my parenting.  He is most definitely my rock and backbone when it comes to raising our amazing boys.  I am so thankful for the husband and father he has become and I consider myself just plain blessed to have him alongside me in this life!

Here are some other recent pictures I wanted to share with you.

Me and the boys on Mother's Day

Our youngest baby and oldest fur baby (Ethan and Sox) 
 Love this boy!
My temporary office for the week.  I was relocated to an office with a view after the hot water heater busted at work.  :)


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  1. so many things are more important then dishes and laundry (of course it is sexy when they do that too). I'm right there with you there is nothing like watching your husband with your kids. love your blog Jewels!