Thursday, March 21, 2013

If We've Ever Needed You

The Casting Crowns song, "If We've Ever Needed You" is so relevant to our world today.  You can listen to/watch it here.

Every time I turn around I hear another heartbreaking story ~ physical child abuse, sexual child abuse, torturing animals, kids committing suicide, bullying to a whole new extreme, teachers sleeping with students, parents killing their children and themselves, drug overdoses, parents neglecting their kids.  When will it end?  When will we stand up and say, ENOUGH?!  When will we, as a people, admit that we really do need God in this broken world?  When will we stop pretending like we don't see the evil things that are going on in this world, thereby condoning them?

I'm sure I sound like a preacher up on the pulpit but look at the world we live in.  I know there is a lot of good in this world but there is also a ton of evil.  And looking past this evil with our rose colored glasses is only justifying it.

I think one of the most powerful lines from the song is:
Our Children Now, Will Pay the Price
Isn't that the truth?  Can you imagine what will be considered "the norm" when our kids are grown?  That is a scary thing for me to imagine. 

As parents we have an incredible and powerful influence over our children.  We have the most impact on their beliefs, behavior, morals, ethics and foundation.  We have the ability and choice to either raise children who live their lives for God and His glory or live for only themselves.  Our kids are looking to us for guidance and direction, whether they are 4 or 24 (and whether they tell you that or not).  We can teach them, guide them, provide them with a safe and loving home, give them boundaries, teach and show them Jesus by our example. 

Do you realize the domino effect this can have?  By raising children who live for God the chances that they will do the same and their children will do the same is astronomical.  And that kind of impact is just what this world needs.

If you aren't a parent you can still make a huge impact on this world.  Serve someone by being a friend or just loving them when they need it the most.  Smile at or say "hi" to a stranger.  Invite someone to church.  Volunteer.  Find a ministry that speaks to your heart.  Love like He loves us.

If we've ever needed You, Lord it's now!


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