Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blake & Miranda and Be Real

I love me some country music and Blake and Miranda are rocking my world lately with two of their newest songs.

I hit snooze about three times this morning but when I heard Blake I couldn't resist getting up with a smile on my face.  I do not swoon over famous guys too often but, Blake, there is just something about you.  (Do you like how I'm talking directly to him like he is actually reading my blog?)

"It'd Sure Be Cool If You Did" 

This was the first time I have watched the video and I am yet again intrigued by this stripper shoe trend.  What girl really wears those, walks down stairs and spends an entire night dancing in those?  The reason she looks so happy at the end when the guy picks her up is because her feet finally get a break.  I digress.
You can watch Miranda's new video for "Mama's Broken Heart" by clicking here.  I love her because I always get the vibe that she doesn't take herself too seriously and always takes the humor to another level - like in the video when she is cutting up her food...cracks me up!
As funny as that video is it's also the sad truth for some people.  There are so many women out there put on a happy face no matter what and teach their daughters to do the same.  Why?!  God forbid people know you have feelings and heartache just like them.  I understand raising your daughter to be lady like but there is a big difference between lady like and fake.  
I look around and see some women who seem so lost.  They don't know who they are, what they stand for and look to others to define them and make them feel better about themselves.  It makes me so incredibly grateful for my mama.  I think my poor mom has probably had many "whose daughter are you" moments (definitely more with me than my sister) but I also think she is proud of the women we have become. She has raised us to be real, not perfect. 
I think one of the most important things we can teach our daughters (and sons for that matter) is to be real.  How many guys have you heard say that their wife is not the same person they married?  Well, no shit Sherlock.  Did you really think she was a football loving, no pooping, clean loving, never nagging, non hormonal lady?  This woman you speak of is non existent, my friend. 
Like it or not, sometimes being real is letting your crazy show a little.  (I said a little - for those of you who have more crazy than others.)

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