Friday, September 30, 2016

Garrison's 11th Birthday Weekend (Family, Paintball and Baseball)

Garrison's birthday was last Friday and we were so excited Nana and PawPaw (Garrett's parents) were able to come in town.  We had such a good visit with them!  And I'll tell you in advance all photo credit in this post goes to my father-in-law.

Friday night Garrett grilled out steak (Garrison's fav) and I made a cookie cake.  Garrison loved opening his gifts!

"Happy Birthday to you!"...Ethan's face - bahahaha!

Love these sweet brothers!

I had to include this one because it cracked me up that Garrison held the shirt right in front of his brother completely blocking him out of the picture.

I think he was slightly excited about his gift from Nana and PawPaw...

...a guitar!!!  This boy is seriously talented and I can't wait for him to learn to play!

He thought that was all but then we told him we had another gift for him in Daddy's truck.  We opened the tail gate and there was his ping pong table!  He loved it!

The next day we had his birthday party with his entire baseball team.  Every kid except one came.  That made this mama heart SO happy!  (I later learned the kid who didn't come was too scared because his cousin told him how much paintball hurts.  Poor thing.)

He was SO excited!

I took this one and my heart about exploded when I did.  

STOP growing!

This sweet boy...I love him so!

I think they're ready!

I love this shot of Ethan!

I think Garret may have been more excited than Garrison was.

Where's Ethan?!  Bahahaha!

Ethan and sweet is this?!

Dirty face...check
Dirty hands...check

As if the weekend wasn't eventful enough Garrison had a double header on Sunday.  I am SO glad we found this team!  The kids and parents are incredible and seeing Garrison happy is SO worth the hour and 15 minute drive to practice twice a week.  Yes, for real.  
I love these shots of him doing what he loves!

I also had to add these photos my father-in-law took while he and my hubby were dove hunting a couple weeks ago.  We grilled the dove earlier this week and they were DE.LICIOUS! 

When we started dating I wondered if he would always make me feel the way I did then.  Ya' know, the butterflies in the stomach, the mmm mmm mmm factor.  (I'm sure our family is gagging right now as they read this.)  But he is SO much better than he was 17 years ago!  


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