Monday, September 19, 2016

Health Journey, Week 3

Happy Monday!

For those of you who missed my video post on Facebook last week, here it is.

As promised I am going to start blogging on the progress of my health journey.  My goal is to get a post up every week to share my progress and a recipe or two along with any other tips/tricks I am finding to be helpful.

For those of you who could care less about my health journey, no offense taken.  I will still blog about other random happenings in life.

I know it is odd I am starting with Week 3 but it is what it is.

Let me rewind a few weeks.  I was sitting on the couch...ahem, IN my workout clothes, watching Fixer Upper, and just finished some nachos for lunch. Yeah.

I sent this picture to my cousin and sister asking them if they wanted to try to get healthy together and hold each other accountable.  They were both all in.  

I realized, as mentioned in my video, that I was no longer using Plexus ( as a tool in my weight loss journey.  I lost quite a bit of weight and inches when I first got on it because it reduced my sugar cravings and curbed my hunger.  For the last 15 months I have taken it consistently and I am still finding amazing relief from endometriosis, plantar fasciitis and allergies but after our move to Bandera I started eating and drinking more due to extra downtime.  Plexus is not a diet.  It's not a magic pill.  It's a TOOL on your weight loss journey.  And I have decided to make changes with my diet to allow Plexus to do everything it can for me.  I will eventually get back into an exercise routine but this girl likes to take baby steps.

After just TWO WEEKS I am down a total of 9.2 lbs!  Wooohoooo!  I have a looooooong way to go but I'll get there.  Again, as mentioned in my video, I have never lost that much weight in such a short time, especially in a healthy way.  I know I started eating healthier and drinking more water but I have done this many times before and I certainly give the credit to my Plexus products!

What am I doing? 
I am on the Plexus Triplex which includes three products, Pink Slim, Pro Bio 5 and Bio Cleanse.  Here are some videos I made (a few of which include my adorable little E man) a while back to help explain these better.  (Click on the words below to take you to the videos.)
Plexus Triplex Overview
Plexus Slim aka Pink Drink
Pro Bio 5
Bio Cleanse

I am also eating less and healthier and cut back a little on my wine drinking at night.  Notice I didn't say I cut out all of my wine or all of anything.  It's about balance.  That's seriously all I'm doing, y'all.  No exercise...yet.

I wanted to share this ridiculously easy and yummy breakfast recipe with y'all.  It will fill you up but is super low in calories.

Breakfast Sandwich

Light Whole Wheat English Muffin
1/4 cup egg beaters
1/2 slice of cheese (I use gouda)
1 slice canadian bacon

Toast the english muffin
Heat the egg beater in a coffee cup (I grease mine with PAM spray with olive oil) for about 45 seconds in the microwave
Heat the canadian bacon for about 15 seconds in the microwave
Slap it all together and you've got a breakfast sandwich ready in less than 3 minutes!

*Forgive my man hands in this picture.  I seriously thought I had feminine hands until I saw this.  Ha!*

I'll be back next week for another update and recipe.  I am an incredibly open book so if you have questions for me about my journey or Plexus products I am here to answer them!


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