Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Port A, Round 2

This past weekend we went to Port A with my parents.  We have been to Port A with my parents before but this time seemed to be a little more special now that we live six hours from them.  It was truly a weekend full of laughter (as always) and joy of being able to enjoy each others' company.

I would list out what all we did but honestly we did what we always do when we go to Port A...we go to the beach and RELAX!!! It was heavenly!

Garrett grilled steaks the first night.  Due to a lack of steak knives Mama decided to use a butcher knife.  Only this woman could still look proper and graceful holding a butcher knife.  Ha!

Ethan "playing chess" with Papa.  He has his own rules.

Okay, normally all of my goofy pictures are of Daddy but this was too good not to share.  She CRACKS me up!

Have y'all seen Notting Hill?  Remember the guy with the goggles?

Mama and I thought of him every time we saw Ethan in these goggles.

So glad my mom got all of these adorable close ups of E playing in the sand.  I mean...bestill my heart!!!

And this guy...sheesh!  No wonder he already has about 7 girls at school that like him.  He is starting to get annoyed with this by the way.  I told him I am more than happy to buy him a shirt that says "I'm unavailable, ladies.  School comes first.  If you have a problem with it take it up with my Mama."...or something to that effect.  

My guys in the waves...I know they look like little dots but this was just such a great view!

I love how they love each other!

Sigh... <3 

This boy has a huge chunk of my heart....HUGE!!!

My man!

So, this brave boy tried oysters and he actually liked them (despite the fourth picture).  He even ate two!  GROSS!

Port A sunset...no filter.  No words for this beauty!

This mama is missing the beach already...until next time, Port A!


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