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Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 ~ GTD Style

It was so nice to have 4 1/2 days off work.  It was even nicer to spend it with some of my favorite people.  My sister and her family were able to come in town Wednesday night and stayed until Sunday.  Hence the title post "GTD" (Gerber Thomas DePue).  I loved having them here for so long and not trying to cram everything into a short weekend.  I am still getting used to not having a smart phone (which will be changing this week) and of course I forgot my camera every day.  Thanks to my sister for always capturing the moment.

I have been wanting to check out the new Total Wine in Plano for a while now.  It's really close to my parents' house so my sister, brother-in-law and I went to check it out Wednesday night.  I was not disappointed.  While trying to browse through the ridiculously huge selection of wine my sister told me I should get this one, solely for the name.  Isn't that how everyone picks out wine?

My sister got some great shots of the cousins throughout the weekend, too!

Will's wink and point crack me up!  And check out the sticker on E's forehead.

Tough guys and pretty girl!  It was rare to get E to stand still long enough for a picture.

One of my mom's many gifts is hosting.  She set up three beautiful tables for Thanksgiving lunch.  It was so nice to spend the day with family and enjoy some oh so yummy food!  I wish we would have gotten pictures of the tables. 

My mom found this edible turkey idea online and the kids LOVED it!  I think they all did a great job!

E and Aunt KiKi enjoying their time together!

My sister, BIL and I hit some stores late on Thanksgiving day.  I normally am not a Black Friday shopper but it was so fun to be able to get out and do some kid free Christmas shopping with my sister.  Garrett left Friday to go hunting.  So naturally we did a little more shopping on Friday morning.  :)  Friday night we had a family get together at my uncle's house and got a good visit in. 

My mom had planned a trip to Yesterland Farm in Canton on Saturday.  What a cool place!  After picking up GiGi we headed to the tree farm.  My parents bought a beautiful tree and the kiddos enjoyed themselves so much!  A hay ride, petting zoo, big slide, roller coaster, roasted corn and kettle corn later we were back in the car heading home.  Here are lots of pictures my sister captured from the day.  I know I'm partial but we have some pretty stinkin' cute kiddos if I do say so myself!  ;) 

Saturday night the kiddos FINALLY got to have their s'mores they had been waiting on.  Will said he thought it would be fun to "play tag with the sparks" from the fire and Ethan was like a magnet to the flames.  I'm thinking we might have some future pyros on our hands.  Ha! 

My family was nice enough to get up at 7 am to watch my kids on Sunday while I headed to church to rehearse/sing for all three services.  I'm sad my sis and fam couldn't stay for lunch but we still had fun with my cousin and her boyfriend.  By the way, for those who live in the Sachse area you HAVE to try out Frankie's Mexican Cuisine.  We have been wanting to try it for a long time and I was not disappointed.  It's a tiny hole in the wall but some of the most delicious Mexican food I have ever had.  My parents, who missed their calling of being Mexican food critics, both loved it too so you know it's gotta' be good! :)

The boys and I were so happy to see Daddy last night and spend some quality time at home together.  Now back to the normal routine of our crazy, sometimes organized, sometimes chaotic, wouldn't trade for anything LiFe!


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