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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Finding Blessings Among the Chaos

To say I have had a rough week is probably an understatement.  Ethan, our youngest, developed a low grade fever last Tuesday.  I wasn't surprised with all these weather changes we have had lately.  He was still pretty chipper that night. 
Peek - a Boo... I see you! 

Wednesday he was diagnosed with RSV.  That is basically a respiratory virus that can quickly take a turn for the worse in kiddos under the age of 2.  Friday night he threw up twice and we really started getting concerned with his breathing and high temperature.  Major ice hit Dallas on Thursday night so the roads were horrible.  We still decided to take him to the ER Friday night.  Thank goodness my parents were able to keep Garrison so we didn't have to keep him awake all night.  E's temperature was 104.6 when we got to the ER and this was only about an hour after his Motrin wore off.  To say we were worried is putting it mildly.  They told us he had developed a tummy bug on top of the RSV.  Ugh. 

This was my view in the ER - a heartbreaking one at that.

We took him to the doctor Monday where we found out he also had developed a double ear infection.  The doctor wanted to do another chest x ray to make sure pneumonia had not developed.  Thank goodness because wouldn't ya' know it?!  Our baby boy had pneumonia.  They gave him a strong antibiotic shot and an oral antibiotic.  You won't hear this mama complain about my little one taking antibiotics after seeing him completely miserable for six days! 

His fevers have come way down (without Motrin) but he still does not have an appetite.  I'm prayerful and hopeful that he will drastically improve over the next couple of days.

After being "stuck at home" with a high energy 8 year old and a sick little one (thanks to what us locals are calling Icemageddon) I could write out a list of complaints.  I was thrown up on, awake at all hours, had cabin fever like crazy and am now coming down with sickness myself... 

But I choose not to.  I am choosing to find the blessings in all of this crazy chaos.  We had power when 200,000 people in our area did not.  This allowed us to continue E's breathing treatments, keep him warm, and have our much needed coffee!  I have a husband who was there to support me and give me breaks through all of this.  He even got out in the ice to pick up some "essentials". 

I can look past the fact that his essentials include saltine crackers, Heineken and Redbox DVDs including Hangover 3. 

My oldest son is one of the most patient, understanding, compassionate big brothers I have ever seen.  He rarely complained about having to entertain himself for the majority of the weekend.  We have awesome parents, family and friends who have continuously called and texted asking what they can do to help. 

My husband and I were sitting on the couch a couple nights ago cuddling with E and I had the sudden realization of how blessed we are.  Not that the last 6 days haven't been trying and scary at times.  But we have two beautiful HEALTHY boys.  I felt a sudden stab of pain and overwhelming compassion for parents who have terminally ill children.  I can't even begin to imagine seeing my son like that 24/7.  I know he will be better in a few days.  I know that he will be back to his normal, stubborn, feisty self.  I now, more than EVER, am grateful for that little temper of his and I can't wait to see it again!  I will gladly welcome the "NO"'s and tantrum throwing (for a little while at least). 

I love this picture of Garrison.
While watching the news for school closings Sunday night this popped up on the screen.  Garrett and I had to get a picture.  Who knew there was a "Three Way ISD"? 
My incredible mom came to the house yesterday to help me put up Christmas decorations.  What a welcome break!  I think it lifted all of our spirits to have our Christmas decorations up.  
What a perfect time for a reminder of what this season is about.  Thank you Jesus for helping us to find the blessings among the crazy chaos. 
"For to us a child is born, to us a son is given.  And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."  ~Isaiah 9:6



  1. Awesome post, Juliana! We have been praying for little Ethan and will continue to do so. There is nothing more heartbreaking for a mom than to see her child really sick. I feel for all of you! Hang in there, girl. And the tree looks beautiful, too. Don't moms always know just what we need? Thank goodness for them, too:)