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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Breakthrough and Bath Time Fun (Updated Videos)

Attention, Attention!  I have finally had a breakthrough with my strong willed sweet boy, Ethan!  I seriously never thought this little guy would listen to me.  All of the hand pops (which didn't really work for him) and time outs seemed to be useless.  But this is proof that consistency pays off.!  All you moms out there who feel like giving up...don't!  Consistency seriously works!

The pre-kids Juliana would have celebrated things like a bonus or promotion at work.  The post-kids Juliana celebrates things like finally seeing poop in a diaper after days of constipation or FINALLY, FINALLY having my almost 2 year old listen to me.  The only thing that hasn't changed is how I celebrate.  Post-kids Juliana still celebrates success with a glass of wine!

Here is another cute video of Ethan from last night.  Garrison was talking/singing to him from the shower and had him dancing a little jig.  I love that these boys can make each other laugh and I hope that never changes.


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