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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Random Recaps

Day 2
For my Love Dare Challenge Day 2 yesterday (click here to see the post) I decided to get Garrett a card at the store.  It's a small gesture but something out of the norm.  I put it on his counter (yes, he has a counter in the kitchen that I REFUSE to clean so it just piles up like something in a Dr. Seuss book).  I digress.  Anyways, he came in from working on something in the garage and said, "Who is this from?".  I told him it was from me and he gave me this scared out of his mind deer in the headlights look.  I thought maybe for a minute he thought he forgot an important date or something, which never happens.  He said, "Are you PREGNANT?!?!?!".  Bahahahahahaha!  I laughed SO hard and then I realized that wouldn't have been funny if I was.  Not the reaction I would have wanted.

I guess giving him a card really was out of the norm since he thought I was using it to announce pregnancy.  I think he was super relieved to see this inside the envelope:

Hahaha!  I guess the sweet gesture worked because he grilled out steaks for us last night and I didn't have to worry about dinner.  Such a nice break!  And YUMMY steaks!
Pass It On
I looked on Facebook this morning and saw two status updates that said a stranger paid for their breakfast today.  This is why I love Christmas time so much!  I just wish that people could be this eager to show kindness to others during all other times of the year.  And if you don't have money to get someone's breakfast you would be shocked at how much a smile or a compliment can make a stranger's day.  Pass it on!
During play time on the floor last night Ethan tried to pick up his shadow for about 10 minutes straight.  Yes, this is entertainment for those of us with young children.  He is getting to that stage where he laughs at me when I tell him no.  I haven't had to deal with this in a very long time (six years to be exact) so I'm trying to find my footing again with parenting an almost one year old.  He likes to flip himself over while I'm changing his diaper and when I tell him no he gives me this mischevious (and oh so cute) grin and laughs at me.  Lord help me because I think this boy is gonna' be trouble!  :)
Good Reads
I read some really interesting articles yesterday that I found on Pinterest and wanted to share the links with you if you are interested.  For those of you who follow me on Pinterest I apologize for the repetitiveness.  Just click on the title to take you directly to the article.
I agree with all of these except #8.  My advice is to never turn bad behavior into a game, no matter what the age.
I can't believe our vacation is less than a month away!  I'm SO excited but also wanting to soak up as much time with my boys as I can before we are away from them for seven whole days.  This picture is very close to the vision I have in my head for what my vacation will be like.

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  1. YAY for vacation.... I keep telling Greg that we are going back to Maui for our 5 year anniversary I just know how hard it would be to be away from my boys!