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Monday, June 25, 2012


Do you ever find yourself saying there isn't enough time in the day?  Whether you are single, married, a student, working, with kids, without kids I guarantee you all would say yes to that question.  Even now, working part time, I feel like I don't have enough time to get it all done.  I don't have enough time to spend with all of the friends I haven't seen in way too long.  It's hard to find time to get together with couples/families we really enjoy spending time with.

I used to feel guilty about the lack of time I spent with friends.  But then I realized that I have the friends I have for a reason.  They are understanding about how busy life can get with kids even if they don't have them.  They know how dedicated I am to my husband and children.  They appreciate the fact that we love spending time with our extended family on the weekends.  I have some dear friends I have had since high school that I may not have seen in 6 months or a year.  I never thought I would be that girl to not make time for my friends.  But I also didn't realize how much time having a strong marriage and a successfuly family takes.  I hope and pray that my friends realize how much I love them.  I hope they know that if they really needed me I would be there in a second. 

This is a post to encourage you moms/wives out there that you shouldn't feel guilty if you have to temporarily cut back on time with people/hobbies to focus on family.  I'm not saying put your friends on the backburner.  I'm saying that working moms/wives just can't do it all.  Spreading yourself too thin will not do anyone any good (husband, kids, friends, you).  And you should never feel guilty about putting your family first. 


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